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Limitless Worlds

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Machinations of the Space Princess Characters - Blasto

So I've recently found a game called Machinations of the Space Princess. A cool little RPG, it is based on Lamentations of the Space Princess but is instead based in a crazy, pulpy sci-fi world. It's like slamming Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Spelljammer and Heavy Metal together.

One of the best parts is the race creation system, which allows you to basically make any alien, robot, or alien-robot race you could imagine. So, since I've been playing Mass Effect recently, I stated out everyone's favorite Spectre operative. He has a woman in every port, and a blaster in every tentacle. You know him, you love him, it's:

"Enkindle this!"
Blasto, the Hanar Spectre

Level 10 Hanar Killer

HP: 60
Attack Bonus: +10
Ranged Attack: +11
Close Attack: +10
Ranged Defense: 13
Close Defense: 13
Ranged Damage Bonus: +0
Close Damage Bonus: +1
Social Reaction: +1
Initiative: +10


Charisma 12 (+1), Charm 6
Comeliness 10 (+0), Looks 5
Constitution 13 (+1), Toughness 7
Dexterity 12 (+1), Reflexes 8
Intelligence 10 (+0), Logic 5
Strength 11 (+0), Power 6
Wisdom 11 (+0), Will 6


Water Breathing, Tentacles, Natural Weapons


Climb 1
Language 2 (English, TerrAnglic, Hanar)
Search 2
Security 2
Sleight of Hand 1
Sneak Attack 1
Stealth 1
Strcture 1
Survival 3

Hail of Bullets 1
Double Weapon 2
Expert Weapon (Pistols) 2

Web of Contacts 1
Lover 1

Keep in mind he is stated out using the newest playtest of the game, not the finished product. Unfortunately, I lack the current funds to get the whole game, but get it if you do! I hope to stat out some more characters, probably the rest of Blasto's crew which includes Bubin and Chief.

You can get Machinations of the Space Princess here:

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