Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ZWEIHANDER Kickstarter

Hello all, it has been a while since I last posted. But I come to you with exciting news! Me and my co-author Daniel Fox have launched a Kickstarter for ZWEIHANDER: A Grim and Perilous RPG. Taking inspiration from Warhammer, Black Company, ASOIAF and more, the Kickstarter is doing awesome right now.

Most of my time has been spent in this game writing, and I'm very proud of it! I hope you all take a look at it and consider backing it: we got great rewards that are really cheap! Plus, our turn around time is gonna be super quick, as the whole game is 100% written!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Transhuman Sphere - Some More Info and a Question

Work putters away slowly on Transhuman Sphere (formerly called Transhuman Future), which is my supplement for Mutant Future. I finished my first draft of the intro and character creation chapters, and up next is all about body swapping (called translating in this game), as well as some other fun things like forking.

I do have a question for you readers out there. I haven't decided yet, but how would you feel about short, chapter opening fiction pieces? For example, the chapter on Evolution (the process of digitizing your mind), could open with a prose piece about someone becoming evolved. Likewise, the gear chapter could include a piece about a battle. I wouldn't make them long, maybe a couple of paragraphs/a page each, but I think it could be interesting.

Leave your thoughts below, and I hope to give you more info soon

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Current Projects

Hey all, once again it's been a while so I thought I'd update you on what I'm working on writing wise.

First thing is I am serving as a pick-up writer and probable editor for the upcoming game, Zweihander. It's a Warhammer Fantasy clone that's been in production for a while, but it's getting super close to being done. Daniel (the main author) has smacked down all the mechanics, and we are now working through a ton of flavor text. My main focus right now is on writing the descriptions for the professions/classes, but up next is describing the different gods and arcane schools, which is very exciting to me.

Next up is a personal project that is combining a few things together. Tentatively called Transhuman Future, it is going to be a supplement for Goblinoid Game's Mutant Future RPG. Originally it started as 'Vaults of the Old Earth', a MF supplement designed mostly to add more character options. Then I got interested in transhumanism and figured out how to blow out the setting into that. I'm also adapting some ideas from Miami 2085 too. In addition to new mechanics, which includes races, classes, skills, augments like cyberware and bioware, mechs and spaceships, it will also include a full transhuman setting and details on body swapping and all that.

The full details of the setting aren't fleshed out, but the main three 'cultures' are going to harken some of my favorite sci-fi tropes. I'm also taking small nods from one of my favorite JRPGs, Shin Megami Tensei.

The Anarch Alliance is taking notes from 70s dark horror sci-fi, as well as hints of psychedelia. Think Alien and the Thing, with claustrophobic interiors and busted fusion reactors. The Anarchs are hedonists and extremists, who love pushing their minds and bodies to the extreme, and they are often looked down upon and discriminated by the other cultures. Takes some cues from the scum and anarchists of Eclipse Phase, as well as bits of 40k, post-Vietnam sensibilities, the video game SOMA, and a general pessimistic hedonism.

The Axiom Federation is pure atompunk of the 60s, ripped straight out of the pages of Twilight Zone and Fallout. The Federation is really the only stable body of government; they are restrictive, exceptionalists, isolationist and war-ready. Just take all the bad parts of the Cold War, throw them in a blender, and serve to taste. Rips from Fallout, Buck Rogers, 1982, McCarthy witchhunts and decadent imperialism.

Finally is the Adapt Consortium, which is a corruption of 80s cyberpunk mixed with the musical/cultural style of vaporwave. Composed of an alliance of gigacorps and independents, the Consortium thinks everything as a price. Hyper neon, chrome, plastic and old Apple II monitors are the style. It's laughable and a parody, but the Consortium has enough muscle that they don't care. Borrows from the Matrix, Neuromancer, Miami Vice, Drive and capitalism gone horribly wrong.

The only thing is I don't want to write a 200 page treatise on the setting, but I also want to make it unique and memorable. I think around 48 pages would be good, but I want to write out all the mechanics first before I dedicate space.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Drones for Arcana Rising

Hey there, long time no talk! I've been busy with various life things, but I just had an idea for a game I like a great deal.

Arcana Rising is a pretty cool OSR-esque urban fantasy game released not too long ago via the now defunct Bedroom Wall Games. A supplement for the game was released as well called Welcome to Neuro City, which was a pretty good attempt at making the game into something akin to Shadowrun.

The only thing missing from that supplement was drones, and I believe I've come up with a simple solution to add them in as a companion, which are mystic animals that a character can be bound to. So I present below the Compiled Companion


Given enough time and resources, a neurocaster can bind a spirit into a mechanical construct, often called a drone. The spirit is special though: it is a rare net spirit, one that is a result of the interblending of magic and the NeurOS. A drone can take on a multitude of forms, but most are generally no bigger than a medium size dog. The drone is generally willing to follow orders and remain loyal, but will usually refuse to enter the wilderness or any area without access to the NeurOS. Since the drone is a spirit housed in a mechanical body, the neurocaster must pay 50 Astra a month to maintain it with parts, batteries and oil.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Miami 2085: The Five-O

Here is a little thought I had about a potential source of antagonists in Miami 2085, the Five-O. This is in no way final, but I just thought it would be a good idea.

The Five-O

Despite the vastness of the Miami Police Department, they can not always handle every case thrown at them. When dealing with hypercoke gang wars, raiders from Back West racial struggles between the droids and humans, they may need to bring in the big guns.

Those are the Five-O.

The Five-O has mass produced robotic police officers, put out by Antagonism Solutions Unlimited. They more often than not look like your average policeman, but get closer and you can see the rubbery flesh, the oddly angled jawline, and the cold eyes that are constantly scanning the crowd.

Due to their quick production and need to be mass-produced, their programming is quite lacking. One of the most easily noticeable quirks is their speech patterns; full of tonal fluctuations, stutters, and loops, they sound more like a scratched vinyl or a overheated voice processor than a robot.

Another glitch, but more often played off as a feature, is their primitive emotion matrix. No matter the mood or even, a Five-O always comes off as a cheerful and helpful civil servant. They will calmly request you return to your apartment as they are chasing you down the alley with guns drawn. They also tend to be cold, calculating, and cruel, which is even more disturbing when they constantly wear a shit-eating grin.

Make no mistake, do not take the Five-O lightly. They are often bristling with chrome and munitions all hidden within their bodies, and if you see a few guarding a building or a city street, you know something big is going down.

Five-O are very rarely ordered to arrest anyone; they either deter, threaten, or kill. If you have to fight one, or god forbid multiple, make sure you have a listed next-of-kin.

So yeah, they Five-O are basically Robocop mixed with Max Headroom, which is both hilarious and terrifying to me.

Miami 2085: Appendix N

Here are some of the influences I hope to touch upon as I develop more of Miami 2085


Inherent Vice
American Psycho
Top Gun
Kung Fury
Blade Runner
Running Man
Back to the Future series
Breakfast Club
SLC Punk
Big Trouble in Little China
Lethal Weapon series
Short Circuit
Super 8
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Beverly Hills Cop
Say Anything
Die Hard
Stand By Me
Wet Hot American Summer
First Blood
They Live
The Blues Brothers
Delta Force
The Thing
The Evil Dead
The Lost Boys
The Fly


Miami Vice
Hawaii Five-0
Saved By the Bell
The A-Team
Magnum, P.I.
Knight Rider
Freaks and Geeks
Danger 5
Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?
Twin Peaks
Max Headroom


Tears for Fears
Com Truise
Saint Pepsi
Eco Virtual
Internet Archive
Blank Banshee
Chuck Person
James Ferraro
Naked Eyes
Afrika Bambaataa
Zero 7
Animal Collective
The XX
Huey Lewis and the News
Talking Heads
Hall & Oates
Phil Collins/Genesis
Duran Duran
Lionel Richie
Billy Ocean
Janet Jackson
Michael Jackson
Rick Astley
Kool G Rap
Public Enemy
Queen Latifah
Slick Rick
A Tribe Called Quest
Wu-Tang Clan
Big Daddy Kane
Cypress Hill
Digital Underground
Leaders of the New School

Miami 2085: A Setting Rumination on 80s Trash Culture.

Modern pop culture is entering a very weird point. If you look back over the 20th century, there was a kind of general progression in, if not an upwards fashion at least, of American popular culture.

But I've come to notice lately a backwards slip into the 80s. With proliferation of chillwave, explosive action movies, bright colored clothes (saw a kid with bright-blue acid-washed shorts the other day), and a resurgence in progressive social movements, it's both a return of and criticism of the 80s.

Another strange part of the 80s was the idea of cyberpunk, though the execution was poor and never realized. And in a way, the cyberpunk aesthetic is a little TOO grimy. It's nearly noir, and extremely pessimistic, and only located on certain sub-cultures like early punk and post-mob drug dealers.

So that's where I am thinking about working on a setting I'm calling "Miami 2085". It's not about the 80s that people were experiencing, or the 80s that people wanted, but the pop 80s that happened.

You may notice in the headline I mention 'trash culture', and you probably wonder what that is. Trash culture is my self-coined term that revolves around looking back on the overly saturated, decade defining cultural memes and playing up their ridiculousness. This setting isn't about the Sex Pistols, Reganomics or post-Veitnam rights movements; this setting is about cocaine, white leisure suits, Top Gun, Naked Eyes, Tears for Fears, enormous cellphones, pastel colors and Ferraris. Miami 2085 is just as influenced by American Psycho and Com Truise as it is by Back to the Future and Drive.

This is all just ideas at this point, and I have no idea what system it'd use (or if it'd just be generic), but it has promise, I feel. Check here for more