Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Sixgun Hack - Released!

It's finally here! Strap on your spurs and mount your stallion, because we're headed out! Pick it up for free at my page!

As for what's next, I'm still working on a Weird West expansion for it which should be done hopefully soon-ish. Mostly I'm stuck on how many magical classes to have, but it's going good so far!

Friday, May 15, 2020

The Border Marches - Basic Geography

The Border Marches can roughly be divided into two geographic regions. The western portion of the Marches is mountainous and hilly, dominated by heavy tree growth, large lakes and plentiful rain coming off the Sea of Rime. Beyond the Dragonback Mountains to the east, the the region becomes much more flat and dry, mostly composed of slight hills and grasslands that eventually turn into dry desert plateaus.

The weather overall in the Marches is cool and calm, though the eastern portion sees little rain and can become devilishly hot in the summer months. The western portion sees significant rainfall, so much so that some claim its almost always overcast. Winters can be brutal, and the Dragonback Mountains can become impassible during the worst snowstorms.

Three large rivers crawl across the Marches: the Serpent River, the Ameri River and the Blue River, all of which feed into each other. These are located in the eastern portion of the region, but the west's access to numerous lakes makes water less of a concern for them. For major roadways, the King's Road runs north to south while the Western Road runs east to west - there is also a smaller roadway called the Processional Road that runs north until it meets the Western Road.

Note: Those with a keen eye may notice that the Border Marches seems pretty similar to Washington state. That is 100% intentional, as Midgard is intended to be a far-future Earth. We'll get more into that when history comes about

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Border Marches Core Conceits

I'd thought I'd lay out some core conceits to what the Border Marches are about. Most of these are taken from the old Worlds & Monsters preview for D&D 4e, but summarized a little neater. These form the basis of a good points-of-light campaign, and actually inform quite a lot of old school settings too.

  • The wilderness is wild, untamed and dangerous. Kingdoms are few and far between with most settlements being city-states. Few people leave the towns they were born in.
  • Countless civilizations have existed in the past, and they all have left ruins behind full of monsters and treasures. 
  • Magic isn't unnatural or even overtly rare, but powerful magic is still something to be marveled at
  • Monsters are as natural as normal animals, and the distinction between the two can become blurred
  • Most settlements are integrated and metropolitan, meaning race prejudices/hatred don't have much of a place
  • Gods exist, but are pretty ambivalent about what goes on in Midgard. They can still grant clerics spells and send angels to work on their behalf, but that isn't common
  • The lines between good and evil are blurred, and champions of either side are pinnacles of them who actively enforce their allegiance through deeds rather than just support their ideals. Further, sides generally don't fight each other - demons and devils may have rivalries, but they support relatively the same goals of vileness.
  • Adventurers are rare, often seen as trailblazers or pioneers. Some think being an adventurer is a death wish (as most tend to fail at it). Adventurers are exceptional people in exceptional times.
I'm going to keep these ideas in mind as I go along, but I thought making a post about them explicitly would be helpful.

The Border Marches - Midgard at a Glance

I've been inspired by old school sandbox settings as of late, as well as the incredible Nentir Vale, so I had a desire to whip up my own. Tentatively called the Border Marches, I'm going to do most development on the blog while keeping it light and breezy. I have inspirations ranging from Burroughs to Lovecraft to Howard to Vance and beyond. Basically, I want to make an Appendix N style world that'll fit most old school systems with little work.

My first post here is a general overview of the world. Going forward, the 'Gazetteer' is going to feature specific regions, cities, planes, creatures, people, or whatever I feel like writing. My self-imposed restriction is to keep the action isolated to the Border Marches, which is going to be a roughly 10,000 square mile area. I hope you'll stick around and check it out as I develop it!


Midgard is a large planet, and though it has not been fully mapped, scholars believe at least three continents exist - if not more. The Border Marches lie on the very far western coast of the continent of Amria, separated by large tracts of dangerous wilderness from adjacent regions. The Sea of Rime represents Amria's farthest western border, but no one has sailed across it due to its massive size.

Midgard's sun, called simply Sol, is bloated and red, taking up a significant portion of the sky. Orbiting Midgard is a singular moon, known as Luna, which seemed to have had a large portion of it broken away by either a meteorological event in the distant past or perhaps during the War of the Gods. A ring of rocks, called Luna's Tears, slowly orbits the planet - most likely debris left over from Luna's breakage.

Scholars believe that Midgard, Sol, Luna, and the other celestial bodies they know of are enclosed by a black, ethereal shell that separates our 'sphere' from other theorized spheres. It's believed that the stars are portals through the sphere, but whether this is true and what could even lie beyond this sphere is only guessed at.

The Underworld

Below Midgard's surface is a region known as the Underworld - a huge, winding system of tunnels, caverns, subterranean kingdoms and underground dungeons. Bizarre creatures, magical residue and civilizations dwell deep in the heart of the earth, but most of them keep well enough to themselves thankfully. The Underworld is perhaps best known as the dwelling place of the drow, but good creatures such as dwarves and gnomes usually build their homes deep under the surface.

The Overworld

Above our heads and outside of our perception lies the Overworld - a myriad collection of planes, dimensions and realities that scholars can only guess at. Burning hells, divine heavens, realms of pure elemental energy, and even distant pasts and futures have all been visited by great mages, but they are extremely dangerous to enter without proper precautions. In certain parts of the world, the veil between here and the Overworld is thin, which allows energies or beings to slip into our reality and run amok.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Sixgun Hack - Delta Available

It's an exciting day, as I can present to you the Delta of the Sixgun Hack! By Delta, I mean this is basically 100% complete besides some numbers being moved around or slight layout changes. Hopefully you all like it!

Changes to the Delta:

-Added starting gear for each class
-Removed Hazards, replaced with Loot & Bounties and Crime & Justice sections
-Added a map for Durango County

What's next for the Sixgun Hack? I will hopefully get it uploaded to either OneBookShelf or (probably in the coming weeks. I also have an expansion in mind - a Weird West one! This will feature four new classes, magic for each, fear mechanics, playable revenants, and a whole pacel of monsters from American/Native folklore and Weird West stories. I also want to include a similar setting to Durango County, but it might be a more macro overview of my Weird West America.

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Sixgun Hack - Ruffian or Settler?

First off, I hope all of you who have looked at the Sixgun Hack have been enjoying it so far. I hope to have a new beta in a few days - nothing major, just some clean up.

However, I did have a question: I am currently batting around the idea of replacing the Settler class with a melee focused class called the Ruffian. The Ruffian could be any kind of rough and tumble laborer, ranch hand or wandering Eastern monk type.

My reasoning for this is I am on the fence on if 'mundanes' should be playable in the game or just background color. I know doctors, dentists and lawyers feature in Western stories, but they generally fold into a person's past. Doc Holiday was a dentist, but he was really a Maverick as an example.

If I did this, I'd also have to change the Trailblazer into a Scout, as the ability overlap would be too great between the two.

Please let me know which you would prefer - the Trailblazer and Settler or Scout and Ruffian. I do want to keep the class selection at 4, so that's why the question is posed.

Let me know in the comments!

Edit: Here are the drafts of the two classes for comparison purposes

Starting HP: 1d8+4
HP Per Level/Resting: 1d8
Weapons: All, prefer long range
Attack Damage: 1d6 Armed/1d4 Unarmed or Improvised

Special Features

Survivalist: When in a natural environment, roll with Advantage when tracking, moving silently, navigating, finding food and calming wild animals.

Alert: Roll with Advantage when testing WIS to notice danger, detect traps and avoid ambushes. Scouts can also never be surprised.

Hunter: A Scout can spend an action to declare a creature their target. When attacking the target, Scouts add their level to the damage dealt. A Scout can only have one target at a time.

Leveling Up

Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for CON and an attribute of your choice.

Starting HP: d10+4
HP Per Level/Resting: 1d10
Weapons: Any, prefer melee
Attack Damage: 1d8 Unarmed or Armed/1d6 Improvising

Special Features

Athletic: Advantage on tests to jump, climb, tumble, swim or perform any other feat of athleticism.

Tough: Ruffians have 2 AP. This can stack with a shield, but nothing else.

Brawler: Gain an additional attack per turn when fighting unarmed or with melee weapons. Gain a further (3 total) per turn on reaching 5th level.

Leveling Up

Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR and an attribute of your choice.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Age of Iron Update

Hello all! Sorry for no AoI update in a while. That doesn't mean I haven't been working on it!

Basically, I realized doing these blog posts put me back at square one production wise. I was basically re-writing the whole supplement/setting again, which I didn't want to do considering all the work I've already put into it.

I have gone back to editing my main Google Docs document, and I'm getting to a good point. I've also included two new entries - an entry for Lygos, elevating its importance and basically turning it into AoI Marienburg, and most likely an entry for the as-of-yet unnamed southern continent that is my not-Southern Wastes/Terra Australis.

In addition to finishing the broad descriptions of the regions, I need to go back and punch them up to make them more dark fantasy. They aren't exactly high fantasy right now, just more historical fantasy. Just want to put a slightly grim sheen on everything if I can.

So that's that, and hopefully I'll have more updates soon. Thanks for sticking around!