Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Preliminary Upgrades

I've been compiling ideas for that OSR cyberpunk game, tentatively entitled "Panopticon." Below is a list of
cyber/bioware, which includes modifications for the torso and the arms. I'm also having leg mods and head mods, but this is what I have so far.

Torso Upgrades

These upgrades are for systems located in your torso, or ones that run throughout your whole body.

Your heart has been upgraded to increase circulation and efficency. Your Constitution score increases by 1. This Upgrade can be taken three times. Simply replacing a diseased heart only costs no power, and that type of neoheart can't malfunction. Note that Constitution modified by the neoheart does not allow for additional Upgrades.

Bone Weave
Your bones have been reinforced to be extra strong and resistant to damage. You gain an additional point of natural AC. This Upgrade can be taken twice.

Your lungs have been upgraded, both in size and holding capacity. You can hold your breath for up to 20 minutes, sealing off your system from dangerous gases, water and vaccuum. Simply replacing a diseased lung costs no power, and that type of gigalung can't malfunction.

Muscle Threads
Your musculature has been fortified to make you stronger and tougher. Your Strength score increases by 1. This Upgrade can be taken three times.

Nerve Splits 
Your nerves have been branched and increased in output, allowing you to be faster and more responsive. Your Dexterity score increases by 1. This Upgrade can be taken three times.

Black Blood Cells
Your blood has been infused with black blood cells; hyper-fast nanobots that seek out and destroy pathogens hundreds of times faster than white blood cells. You become more resistant to disease, granting you a -2 bonus to saves involving avoiding them. This Upgrade can be taken twice.

Hardened Adipose
Your fat and skin tissues have been hardened, making you more resistant to damage. You gain 2 additional HP unmodified by Constitution. This Upgrade can be taken up to five times.

Your endocrine system has been augmented, releasing synth-pheremones in order to make you appear more attractive or influential. Your Charisma score increases by 1. This Upgrade can be taken three times.

Steel Gut
Your digestive system has been fortified with nanites and advanced bacteria. This makes you extremely resistant to poisons, both ingested and otherwise, granting you a -2 bonus to saves involving avoiding them. This Upgrade can be taken twice. Note that this upgrade also makes it quite difficult to get drunk, though now you can eat almost anything.

Cosmetic Alterations
These alterations include things such as animated tattoos, glowing eyes, elvish ears, strange colored skin or hair. These alterations do not cost any Power, but they cost credits like all Upgrades.

Arm Upgrades

These upgrades are used to replace and augment your arms and hands.

This metallic arm replaces large portions, or perhaps the entire length, of a dismembered or missing arm. They range from high class and sleek to rusty and piecemeal. A cyberarm is needed to obtain the Sleeved Gun, Bicep Compartment and Inbuilt Compdeck Upgrades.

Sleeved Gun
You have a gun built within your cyberarm, which fires out of your palm and reloads through a feeder under the wrist. The gun must be small-arms and though only one weapon can be placed in an arm, it is possible to switch out guns (e.g. pistol for SMG). If you have two cyberarms, this Upgrade can be taken twice to provide a weapon for each.

Siberia Claws
You have mechanical or bony claws that extend out of the back of your knuckles. They function like a 1-handed melee weapon.

Bicep Compartment
You have a hollow storage space in your bicep that can only be unlocked by your brain. The space is large enough to hold a pistol or anything smaller. This Upgrade can be taken twice if you have two cyberarms.

Inbuilt Compdeck
Your Compdeck isn't handheld, but rather built into your forearm. This prevents your Compdeck from ever being stolen, unless someone wants to just rip your arm off (which some people do.)

Parker Tips
Your fingertips are laced with small barbs, allowing you to climb up vertical surfaces with little to no climbing gear.

Sworl Erase
Your fingertips have been scrubbed clean, leaving you lacking of fingerprints. While useful in avoiding the police, it's hard to access to anywhere without them.

Field Sensors
You have had magnets, or a biological equivalent, implanted under the skin of your palms and fingers. This allows you to feel energy fields, allowing you to discern their properties, where they are going and more.


  1. Black Blood Cells really give -2 saving throw? (Or does it adjust the target number rather than the roll?)

    Also, how about putting the number of times an upgrade can be chosen in parentheses after the name rather than spelling out every time?

  2. Mind these are all notes. When I get to a good form, I'll totally fix up everything.

    And for Black Blood Cells, I was originally planning to go for a roll-under save thing. Instead, I may just do roll over. It's up in the air