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Limitless Worlds

Friday, October 18, 2013

Arcana Rising Example City

Madame LuFoix, high mage of Samedi's Staff
So I have become lucky enough to help John Berry edit his really awesome urban fantasy game, Arcana Rising. In the game is a city generator you can use to create your own mystical town full of danger. I thought I'd show you guys an example city so you can know what it's all about!

The Slumville of Fox Creek

Police Force

Response 13, Corruption -1, Knowledge 0

Key Locations

Burial Mound, Occult Bookstore, Black Bazaar, Ancient Graveyard


Orcs (Major), Elves (Minimal), Naga (Major), Wizards (Major), Mob (Major)

Orcs: Friendly to Mob and Naga, Opposed to Wizards, Hostile to Elves
Elves: Allied to Mob and Wizards, Neutral to Naga, Hostile to Elves
Naga: Allied to Wizards, Friendly to Orcs, Neutral to Elves and Mob
Wizards: Opposed to Orcs, Allied to Elves, Naga and Mob
Mob: Friendly with Orcs, Allied with Elves and Wizards, Neutral to Naga

City History 

Major Export, Conversion, Faehome


Residential: Cypress Heights, Caiman Isle, Willow Creek
Commercial: Downtown, Sinner's Road
Industrial: The Hollows, Redville


Fox Creek is an old, old city about an hour outside of New Orleans. Settled on the banks of the Fox Swamp, Fox Creek used to be a sovereign state of the Chitimacha nation for hundreds of years, even during the era of Atlantis. The Chitimacha allied themselves with a local Naga population, who found the swampy waters around the city pleasing and full of food. In return for giving them shelter, the Naga generally held off the advancing Atlanteans until magic was sealed.

However, during the Intermagica, the white man swept across North America, and without the aid of the Naga, the Chitimacha could not hold them for long. The swamps around Fox Creek were full of peat and oil, useful in the industrial era. For years, oil and cypress were harvested from every corner of the land. Originally a Christian city after it was taken over, the introduction of native Haitians, Jamaicans and other Caribbean folk made voodoo a powerful force in the city.

When the seal on magic broke, Fox Creek was inundated by murky waters, and the Naga had returned to look for their allies. What was left of the Chitimacha had formed into the Green Scale Mob, and though they were glad to see their former friends, years of absence had made the natives bitter.

Fox Creek is a land of death, and the local wizard's circle of Samedi's Staff spend years researching the enormous Christian graveyard and old burial mound about a mile out of town. Their research has attracted a pocket of elves who wish to learn more of this "death magic" the wizards practice, and their introduction has brought in a huge arcane item trade. An incursion of orcs, meanwhile, threatens to destroy the history of the city to make way for whatever revolution the beasts are following today.

As you can see, it's really easy to make a super flavorful city. The whole creole-voodoo spirit vibe is great for this kind of game, so if I ran Fox Creek I'd for sure be throwing zombies, haints and swamp monsters at them as fast as I could.

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