Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More Owl Hoot Trail Races

I'm really enjoying how easy it is to make a race for Owl Hoot Trail. Thus, here are a few more!


Scalies are from way down south in the hot parts of the Earth, living in the deserts, jungles and swamps. While they usually look like big ol' humanoid lizards, they can look like any reptile or amphibian ranging from gators to frogs to snakes. Scalies have a lot of old and weird gods they love to pray to, and they are usually dressed in feathers and grass. Their cities are huge and old.
Scalies are often gunslingers,scoundrels, scouts, preachers and shamans.
Scalies get +1 DRAW and +1 Wilderness. Scalies are cold blooded, and they can function in extreme heat and cold without much protection.


Short for wendigos, digos are human-like folk that are covered in fine tufts of fur. They also usually have jagged teeth and sharp claws. 'Digos are from way up north, calling the mountains and the arctic their home. Some people think they are related to lycanthropes, but the 'digos ain't talking.
'Digos are often gunslingers, marshals, ruffians, scoundrels, scouts and shamans.
'Digos get +1 GRIT and +1 Wilderness. 'Digos are an angry folk, suffering a -2 to Amity. In exchange, they can get angry once a day, causing +2 damage for the rest of a scene. They also have natural claws that deal 1d6 damage.


The fae are thought to be distant ancestors to the shee, coming from the birthplace of all shee. Fae look like their pointy ear cousins, and yet they don't. They are more regal, tall and aloof. Some are full of the beauty of the wild, others are darkened by shadow, and still others gaze longingly at the stars.
Fae are often gunslingers, marshals, scouts, shamans and mentalists.
Fae get +1 WITS and +1 Amity. Fae can teleport to short distances they can see once per scene.


Morphs, sometimes called changelings, are spooky creatures. They look like humans, except their facial features are muted and barely there. They don't even have pupils, which can rustle some peoples spurs. A lot of myths show up where a morphs will kill a person and impersonate them forever, but morphs don't usually do that.
Morphs are often gunslingers, scouts, scoundrels, mentalists and gadgeteers.
Morphs get +1 GRIT and +1 Wile. Morphs can make themselves look like any other humanoid varmint for up to 4 hours. The problem is they have to touch the poor sucker to assume their form.


Little sprite folk, pixs are tiny little buggers, only ever reaching about 3 feet tall. They have a set of wings on their backs; they usually look like butterfly wings, but they can be any kid. Pix are often seen as "annoying" and "ignorant", but all they want to do is have some fun. Sometimes the fun can make someone dead, though.
Pix are often gunslingers, scouts, scoundrels, shamans and mentalists.
Pix get +1 DRAW and +1 Wile. Pix are fairly frail, so they are Sickly 1. In exchange, their quickness gives them+1 to their defense score. They are also able to fly short distances, though they can't attack while flying.

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