Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ideas for 90s high school monster hunters

I was thinking it might be fun to do a small game revolving around being in high school in the 90s, or probably any applicable time, and being part of a monster hunting group. It wouldn't be like like Buffy; imagine Unknown Armies mixed with Dawson's Creek.

Anyway, it'd use the system that is in Stars Without Number. Background packages are replaced with Cliques. Cliques include things like Geeks, Jocks, Preps, etc.

Classes would be the Bully (traditional fighter), Freak (magic user), Leader (influential person) and Brains (skilled person).

Magic for the Freaks would be divided into five types: The Scrawlers, which use formulas, drawing or graffiti to summon creatures and items; The Burners, who use drugs, alcohol and sex to heal and also provide other benefits like breathing underwater and flying; Moodies, who use their moods and personalities to buff themselves and allies; the Techies, who use old books, alchemy and tech devices to blow the hell out of the opposition; and Screamers, who use physical and psychic noise to debuff and hinder their enemies

The only thing really seperating it from me being able to playtest is thinking up spell lists. Other things will come later, but it could be cool


  1. Think there will be those kind of options for other classes (if not in the form of spells)?

    1. Haven't considered that, but potentially. Maybe give the bully an option for fighting styles or some such