Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blood and Justice - Planning

So like I said, I am starting some preliminary work on a rules-lite hack of Mutants and Masterminds 1e for Blood & Treasure, and though try as I might, some things in B&T just can't work on the levels that M&M can escalate too.

So what's staying in B&T?

- All of the combat system, including movement, encumbrance and so on
- Status and environmental effects
- Advantage/Disadvantage

And what's not

- Reverting to 3.5 skill ranks
- Reverting to 3.5 saves

And what's new!

- A full adaptation of the HP damage rules from M&M, including Soak rules and better integration of knockback
- Possibly a sample setting
- Hopefully reduced feats as well
- Removal of Amazing Save as a power and being a core component (ala M&M 2e)

I tried hard to keep ranks and saves and rolls as is, but it's not really feasible, especially at higher levels. So really, I'm just standardizing skill rolls, which I don't feel is a large issue

For feats, I'm going to do away with pure skill bonus feats, as the system can already hit high levels without them. I'll also knock out any feats that don't apply by being too specific (like Blind Fight)

Stay tuned as I figure out more

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