Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Miami 2085: The Five-O

Here is a little thought I had about a potential source of antagonists in Miami 2085, the Five-O. This is in no way final, but I just thought it would be a good idea.

The Five-O

Despite the vastness of the Miami Police Department, they can not always handle every case thrown at them. When dealing with hypercoke gang wars, raiders from Back West racial struggles between the droids and humans, they may need to bring in the big guns.

Those are the Five-O.

The Five-O has mass produced robotic police officers, put out by Antagonism Solutions Unlimited. They more often than not look like your average policeman, but get closer and you can see the rubbery flesh, the oddly angled jawline, and the cold eyes that are constantly scanning the crowd.

Due to their quick production and need to be mass-produced, their programming is quite lacking. One of the most easily noticeable quirks is their speech patterns; full of tonal fluctuations, stutters, and loops, they sound more like a scratched vinyl or a overheated voice processor than a robot.

Another glitch, but more often played off as a feature, is their primitive emotion matrix. No matter the mood or even, a Five-O always comes off as a cheerful and helpful civil servant. They will calmly request you return to your apartment as they are chasing you down the alley with guns drawn. They also tend to be cold, calculating, and cruel, which is even more disturbing when they constantly wear a shit-eating grin.

Make no mistake, do not take the Five-O lightly. They are often bristling with chrome and munitions all hidden within their bodies, and if you see a few guarding a building or a city street, you know something big is going down.

Five-O are very rarely ordered to arrest anyone; they either deter, threaten, or kill. If you have to fight one, or god forbid multiple, make sure you have a listed next-of-kin.

So yeah, they Five-O are basically Robocop mixed with Max Headroom, which is both hilarious and terrifying to me.

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