Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pulpwood! Mint Condition class: The Adventurer

Thought I'd actually post some stuff for Pulpwood! today. We have the Adventurer class, which forms the muscle for most groups.

Hit Dice: d10
Skill Points per Level: 3
Favored Save: Fortitutde
Class Skill: Athletics

The Adventurer is a master of combat. Anyone who ventures through this dangerous world should know how to protect themselves from harm, either inflicted by humans or otherwise.
Adventurers can be anything from an adventuring archaeologist, a martial artist master, a former boxer, a noble savage or even a soldier. They can be skilled at ranged combat or hand-to-hand, or they can be a tricky and dexterous fighter.

Adventurer Talents

Trademark Weapon- The Adventurer has a certain weapon that is basically synonamous with it's user, such as a whip or a pistol. When you take this talent, choose a weapon to apply it to; that weapon then increases the damage it does by one die type (d6 to d8, d8 to d10). For weapons with multiple damage die, this only increases one of them (2d6 becomes 1d6 + 1d8). Unarmed attacks can not be Trademark Weapons.
Improvement- If this Talent is improved, you can either increase the damage of your Trademark Weapon by another die type, or you can have another trademark weapon. Having two trademark weapons would be for someone who has duel pistols or duel wields a lot.

Martial Artist- The Adventurer is a master of unarmed combat, be it either boxing, kung-fu or something else. The Adventurer's unarmed attacks do 1d6 damage instead of 1d4, and their attacks can hit normally unhittable creatures, like ghosts.
Improvement- If this Talent is improved, you increase the unarmed damage to a d8.

Sharpshooter- The Adventurer is master at shooting long distances. When they aim a ranged weapon, they gain a +4 to hit instead of the normal +2.
Improvement- If this Talent is improved, they can sacrifice their move to aim and fire in the same round.

Dual Pistols- The Adventurer can shoot a pistol from each hand. They can dual wield pistols, while other characters are not allowed to. Otherwise, the dual wielding works like melee dual wielding
Improvement- If this Talent is improved, the penalty to dual wield is reduced by 2. There is still a penalty, though, because of natural recoil.

Two Fisted Weapons- The Adventurer has become a master at dual wielding melee weapons. The penalty to strike with dual weapons is reduced by 2.
Improvement- If this Talent is improved, the dual wielding penalty is reduced to 0.

Style Change- The Adventurer can switch up his melee attacking style to either deal more damage or be more protective. They can exchange up to +2 to damage to get -2 AC for a round, or vice-versa. This can result in you have a reduced damage bonus to your attack (a +1 becomes a -1). Doing this exchange counts as a move action. The styles should be given flavorful titles (Rabbit Punches, Floating Crane, Bezerker, etc.)
Improvement- If this Talent is improved, you can exchange up to 4 damage for -4 AC, and vice-versa.

Fancy Tricks- The Adventurer has become a very tricky fighter. While  anyone can attempt these kinds of tricks and manuevers, this Adventurer is particularly good at it. Pick a trick (such as throwing sand in someone's eyes, trick shooting, and so on), and whenever you attempt to do that trick, you get a +2 bonus. This Talent can be taken multiple times, each time applying to a different trick.
Improvement- If this Talent is improved, the bonus to do that trick is increased to +4. An improvement only applies to one Trick, but multiples of this Talent can be improved seperately.

Atomic Strength- The Adventurer is extremely strong when it comes to things requiring endurance and power. They gain a +1 to non-combat Strength Action Rolls that require a lot of endurance, such as holding open a great, pushing a boulder, or moving heavy blocks.
Improvement- If this Talent is improved, the bonus increases to +2.

Mysterious Power- The Adventurer has some kind of paranormal power. Maybe they can fly, turn invisible, run up walls, or something else. Discuss with your GM what you want, and he will tailor the ability to be fair.
Improvement- If this Talent is improved, you gain another Mysterious Power.

Quick Reflexes- The Adventurer is rarely cornered, and always prepared. They gain a +1 when determining initiative.
Improvement- If this Talent is improved, the bonus increases to +2.


  1. Very cool. I dig the pulp thing your doing here. May I humbly suggest you check out my pulp-D&Dish fantasy mashup setting Weird Adventures, if you haven't already. You might like what you see. :) You can read about the world on blog, too.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I have been interested in Weird Adventures, but since I'm a poor college student, I try not to buy too many PDFs or games. Got to eat, ya know.