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Limitless Worlds

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Other Dust Race - Rootfolk

What post-apocalypse game would be complete without the often strange mutant plant! In Other Dust, almost all post-apocalyptic tropes exist, from psychics to mutants to mutated animals to robots. But alas, no mutant plants! Well fret not, as below I present to you a new playable race: the Rootfolk!


When the Highshine created the Beastfolk, the same garbled DNA that was meant to protect animals was also meant to protect plant life. Instead of mutating the injured or corrupting them into Beastfolk, the Highshine sometimes restructured DNA to be plant-based.

Now called Rootfolk, these vegetable creatures have somehow managed to form a small life for themselves. Rootfolk are much more rare than Beastfolk, and many Rootfolk live either alone or in small colonies of 10 or 20. Many humans can not contemplate sentient plants, so the Rootfolk choose to hide themselves away.

Rootfolk, being made of plants, are susceptible to fire. If they are ever exposed to fire, they roll the damage they take twice and apply the highest number. Rootfolk need to eat and drink, but no more than a regular human would.

Rootfolk as PCs

Rootfolk function under the same principle as Beastfolk: to be one, you have to sacrifice some rolled mutations. Further, in Other Dust, Beastfolk are rare, but Rootfolk are even more scarce. Many people can go their entire short lives without ever hearing about Rootfolk, let alone seeing one.

Rootfolk fall under three broad categories:

Fungifolk are probably the strangest Rootfolk, considering funguses are not technically plants. Fungifolk come in a wide variety of types, but the most common have large caps on their heads and gills under them where they store their spores. Fungifolk are generally sagacious and non-confrontational, wishing to spend more time expanding their minds than surviving.

Fungifolk gain the somewhat nocturnal habits of their ancestors, and they are able to see in the dark up to about 60 feet. Further, if a Fungifolk is ever killed, they release spores in the general area. In 1d6 days, the Fungifolk will "regrow" from one of these spores, albeit at one level lower than what he was before death. Being a Fungifolk costs 1 mutation pick.

Treefolk are huge creatures, often standing between 7 and 8 feet tall and covered in thick bark. Treefolk like to see themselves as wardens of nature, protecting all who dare do it harm. They are extremely steadfast and sturdy and often say little. To them, talk is cheap and should not be wasted.

The heavy bark and evolved immune system of a Treefolk grants them +2 HP per level, regardless of class. Treefolk also add 1 to their Constitution and Strength, but subtract 1 from their Intelligence. Being a Treefolk costs 2 mutation picks.

Flowerfolk are the most varied of all Rootfolk. Flowerfolk can have ancestral ties to bushes, vines, weeds, root vegetables, cacti and more. The common link is that they all produce some kind of bloom, be it a flower or fruit. Flowerfolk are the most common Rootfolk, and they tend to be the most adventurous and willing to explore.

Flowerfolk usually have some natural defenses to protect themselves, such as thorns, mild poisons or heavy fruit. A Flowerfolk has a natural melee attack  that deals 1d6+2 damage. Flowerfolk also add 1 to their Dexterity, but subtract 1 from their Wisdom. Being a Flowerfolk costs 1 mutation pick.