Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Friday, February 22, 2013

Stars Without Number Class - The Nanist

So I've been throwing around SWN lately, and I thought it would be cool to introduce a class that is the tech  expert, even more so than the Expert. Thus, I made up the Nanist class.

The Nanist actually has nanites embedded in his blood stream that can be released at any time, allowing him to strip scrap materials and eventually reshape them into a desired form. It uses the item creation rules from Other Dust, and he kind of serves as a weird mage character that can pull matter out of thin air. I think that Psionics are more than enough "magic" in SWN, but it would be cool to have a more tech oriented class.


Prime Attributes: Intelligence or Dexterity

Hit Dice: d6

Special Ability: Nano-Fabricate

The Nanist can break down any scrap he can find using the nanobots that swim through his blood stream. He can then later recycle this scrap to fabricate almost any item he chooses. Four units of scrap can create 20 rounds of ammo, one Type A energy cell, a stim or any other consumable good. 8 units can build handheld equipment, 20 can build a piece of armor, and as many as 60 units are required to build vehicles or other large items.
The Nanist must have an appropriate Tech skill at a level equal to the tech level of the object. The Nanist must make a successful Tech skill roll to create the item, and the actual fabrication process takes about a day per Tech level of the item.

Nanist Class Skills
Tech/Any, Computer, Perception, Science, Profession/Any, Security

Experience: As an Expert

Bonuses and Saves: As an Expert

Adventuring Nanist: Any four skills, two of which must be Nanist class skills

Hacker: You know your way around computers and various other communications systems. You understand how to hack, exploit, funnel and divert people through the realm of cyberspace.

Skills: Computer, Perception, Security, Culture/Criminal, Persuade, Stealth

Hive: You have become less of a person, and more of a shell for your nanites. They control you more than you control them, and you aim to supply them with as much scrap as possible. The tech they create is just your payment.

Skills: Tech/Any, Computer, Navigation, Science, Security, Survival

Archaeotech: Your aim is to discover the mysteries of ancient technology, alien or otherwise. You desire to find blueprints to build these often forbidden machines of extreme power, often times maltech.

Skills: Tech/Maltech, Exosuit, Religion, History, Culture/Alien, Security

Craftsman: You use your nanites for a more noble use: creating items for the needy. You scour the planets for scrap and then build items for the destitute or your loved ones. It is often a thankless job, but it's rewarding.

Skills: Instructor, Leadership, Artist, Profession/Craftsman, Tech/Postech, Persuade

Ravager: Your nanites have increased your combat abilities, augmenting your strength and combat abilities. You are able to take down mostly any foe who stands in the way of the scrap you desire.

Skills: Combat/Any except Psitech, Exosuit, Athletics, Tactics, Survival, Perception

Spy: You share a sensory bond with your nanites, and they have in turn increased your agility and perception. You enter high risk areas to find the best tech and take it for yourself, or you possibly steal plans to sell to the highest bidder.

Skills: Perception, Bureaucracy, Business, Persuade, Stealth, Security

Microsurgeon: You can control your nanites to better heal people. The nanites swarm around, performing microsurgery and applying painkillers to wounded allies.

Skills: Tech/Medical, Profession/Doctor, Survival, Science, Leadership, Perception