Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Current Projects

So I guess I'll do a small update on all that I'm currently working on, as well as how finished they are.

Psionics of Lore - I have to draw a few things, write an intro and some monsters, and that's basically it. It's about 95% done.

Worlds of Lore - I'm still in the process of thinking up the settings. However, Soulburn and Riftgate are playable, as well as the Spellsword and Engineer class (which will appear in the book). This is about 30% done.

Pulpwood! - Considering reformatting the system to d6 based, as well as creating codified magic instead of the freeform guides I've given. I also need to finish writing up the setting which will be included. It's about 60% done.

Basic 4e - Mostly in rough stages. I need to figure out how the classes and races work, as well as how powers work. The system will be based more on Gamma World 7e than D&D 4e, but it has promise. This is probably 5 to 10% done.

8-bit Retro Adventures - Not my game, but instead a cool French fantasy RPG that has a style and feel to NES and SNES RPGs. I'm roughly translating it to English, and then going back and making it sound good in English. The author is totally ok with it, so this should be cool. This is about 70% done.

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  1. Once again, please don't change the core mechanic of Pulpwood. I want it to remain as OSR D&D compatible as possible, and I like d20s. Changing it would be a mistake.