Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Warmind Variants

Here are the warmind variants as a little New Years gift to you all!

            Though most warminds use their trance to increase their attack, some use it to increase their defense. These warminds, called ardents, actually adapt mantles of different states of mind in order to protect themselves.

            Instead of the warmind’s trance granting a bonus to attack rolls, an ardent’s trance grants a bonus to AC.

            Godminds hold the gods not only in high esteem, but high in their minds. They portray an aura of holiness, or unholiness, which protects them from enemies.

            Godminds can cast Protection from Evil or Protection from Good, depending on his alignment, twice per day. The spell has the duration of a magic-user’s casting. In exchange, he loses his ability to utilize shields. Godminds can’t be neutral.

            Relativists have become masters of controlling gravity with their minds, using it both offensively and as a tool.

            Relativists can manifest the Telekinesis power twice per day (they use their Wisdom bonus when charisma or intelligence is listed in the spell). Relativists move 5 feet slower than their normal pace.

            The blur has developed a method of speeding up his entire body with his mind, making him insanely fast on the battlefield.

            Blurs can only wear armor up to studded leather. In exchange, they gain the improved initiative of the duelist and the increased movement rate of a monk at half his level to a maximum of +20 ft.

Crystal Warrior
            Crystal warriors have found the ability to manipulate psioncally-charged crystals. He can manipulate them easily, as well as potentially drain power from them.

            Crystal warriors can learn 4 powers normally unavailable to warminds: Crystal Shard, Crystallize, Hail of Crystals and Swam of Crystals. Further, the crystal warrior can draw up to 2d6 PP from any large crystal, psionic or not, once per day. In exchange for these abilities, the crystal warrior can only go into two trances per day.

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