Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Got a Little Carried Away

Remember that 'Basic 4e' thing? Well, I've started adapting the classes for it, and it turns out.... it's really easy to do.

I have finished the classes from Player's Handbook 1 and I'm now working on Player's Handbook 2. I have also decided to throw in the Runepriest and the Seeker. I am going the way of Pars Fortuna as suggesting race-as-class, but also have a system to separate them. So for example, the Tiefling in pure B/X mode would have all the Warlock abilities. In "hybrid" mode, the Tiefling and the Warlock become separate  Humans have 6 classes (the four classics, along with paladin and ranger).

Things are still up in the air on some fronts. I think I'm going to have a skill system, but it will be along the lines of LofTP in that it is based on a d6 roll with a reduced skill list. How powers work, paragon powers, epic destinies and the possibility of feats is still undetermined.

It's exciting though!

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