Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Considering altering Pulpwood!'s mechanics

So I recently read the Retro Phaze RPG and the Final Fantasy d6 RPG, and I have to say, I have d6s on the brain.

Pulpwood! was originally going to use a d20 to resolve all its actions. However, I feel the humble d6 may be a better choice. They are easier to find, they are versatile, and outside of damage rolls, very few games feature them as the main dice for task resolution.

I generally find Retro Phaze's resolution mechanic more favorable, so I may just go the simple 1d6 resolution route.

I would need to reformat a lot of abilities for the various classes, but I don't think it would require too much work. I may also have to reformat how classes are in terms of skill points and possibly HD, but this is all up in the air right now


  1. d12. Underused, underappreciated. They roll well, divide into halves, thirds, and quarters, and feel good.


  2. Please keep the d20. I like d20s, and am looking forward to showing Pulpwood to my D&D group. d20 is best.