Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Friday, January 18, 2013

Worlds of Lore - Riftgate

So after Psionics of Lore is released, my next project is Worlds of Lore. Originally intended to be purely my setting of Astoria, I decided to make it into 10 "micro-settings" that GM's and players can expand upon. And I've written the first one!

The first one is called Riftgate, and it is basically a modified Planescape. However, it's not exactly the same; Riftgate is more lighthearted than Planescape was, as well as more spiritual in a way. Riftgate also is very human-centric, stressing that you are playing "normal" people in an extremely abnormal world. I hope it interests you, because it sure interests me!


About 100 years ago, Glyph was an amazing city. Located on the human planet of Borikon, Glyph was roughly the size of Mexico City and about 20 times more diverse. Divided into hundreds of districts with thousands of neighborhoods, all kind of cultures existed within this medieval mecca. It was truly the crown jewel of Borikon. This was all before the Ravaging.

One day, small, black points and space started appearing around the outskirts of the city. These "rifts," as they were called, were no bigger than a fist. They seemed to float two-dimensionally in space, and people who looked through the rifts saw marvelous sites. Some held beautiful glades full of wild creatures, others held magnificent cities and others held barren hellscapes. The scholars of Glyph believed these rifts were portals to other dimensions.

What came as excitement soon turned into horror; the next day, these rifts were larger and about the size of a small child. What's worse is that things started coming out of them; people, animals and monsters. Every day, these rifts grew and grew, advancing ever towards the city and absorbing the countryside. Most of the creatures who came through the rifts were peaceful; looking for refuge, adventure or opportunity.

Two weeks after, the rifts had fully opened and spread like fire, absorbing the entire planet of Borikon except for the city of Glyph. The king of Glyph, Harold Remus IV, called down martial law on the city for fear of certain destruction.

Then, as quickly as the rifts appeared, they vanished, leaving Glyph as a giant floating city in the middle of space. People were both relieved and frightened; the doom was gone, but now they lived in the middle of no where, living next door to demons or elves. They had all the resources to stay alive and thrive, miraculously, but things were dire none the less

However, the rifts did not really close: they shrank. Instead of country spanning, many were the size of doorways. Through these doors anyone could pass, wandering into the infinite planes and dimensions of the multiverse. All the while, King Remus rules over Glyph with an iron fist as more and more creatures funnel into and out of these riftgates.


Everything is Strange: The world of Borikon was simple, having almost no magic or even sentient humanoids besides humans. The Ravaging changed all that; strange creatures, artifacts and magic were thrust upon Glyph, and the populace had to adapt or die. Still, people are confused and startled by the changes, and some are even curious.

Riftgates Can Be Anywhere: Riftgates come from everywhere and can lead to anywhere. The worst part is that riftgates pop up unexpectedly and close just as quickly. Your kitchen doorway could turn into a portal to Tarturus of an hour a day, but you just have to deal with that sort of thing in the city of Glyph.

Remus is Always Watching: King Remus IV is a cowardly, yet powerful man. Though he does not actively destroy the planar visitors, his Riftguards constantly patrol the streets of Glyph, striking at the first sign of trouble. Remus often initiates insane decrees, but those who do not follow them are quickly dealt away with. It is unknown how Remus has survived for so long, but many believe he has physically become part of the city.

The Planes are Infinite in All Ways: Riftgates lead to planes, and these planes can be almost anything you can imagine. Lava-filled lands of hell, majestic underwater kingdoms, realms of pitch darkness, or kingdoms composed entirely of tree people. The only people who have any semblance of knowing how the planes work are the people at the Planeswalker Guild, a giant organization that aids planar travelers in their explorations. It is a weird and wild multiverse out there, and it is yours to explore.

Glyph is Almost Infinite: Glyph is a giant city you could explore for weeks and never see the entirety of. Almost every sort of culture exists here, from bombed out slums full of goblins and rat men to floating towers full of angels and tengu. Sometimes planes bleed into Glyph, coloring and flavoring different parts of the city.


Any race works in the Riftgate setting, considering the wide range of planes that creatures can come from. However, the most common races will be humans or plane-touched (Aasimar, Tieflings or Primals). Riftgate is about the normal discovering the abnormal, so more "exotic" races should be few and far between in a party.


All classes work equally well in Riftgate, including psionics. Keep in mind, however, that magic is relatively new to the native citizens of Glyph. Though they have come up with theories of magic over the last 100 years, it would be generous to say magical scholars are more than guessing.

The Divine

Gods are not particularly real in Riftgate. Instead, people praise spirits above all else. Many creatures like to declare themselves gods, but the spirits are what people follow and also what grants divine characters their magical abilities. Conflicts between believers of these different spirits are common, and many structure their whole life around serving them. The most praised spirits are as follows:

Spirits of the Ancestors: Probably the most popular spirit to worship, these spirits are the ancient people of long past. They are the ones that led to your birth, and you can usually trace direct lineage back to them. Worshipers of these spirits are often called Foundationists.

Spirits of the Wild: These spirits are the various forces that inhabit the wildernesses of the planes. Plant and animal spirits, primal spirits of weather and elemental spirits all fall under this worship. Worshipers of these spirits are often called Nativists.

Spirits of the Universe: These spirits are more of the primal powers of the universe, those which make up everything we see. Spirits of pure matter, psychic energy, dark force, gravity and more all fall under this. Worshipers of these spirits are often called Obediants.

Spirit of the Soul: This focuses more on inner spiritualism and enlightenment than reliance on others. To followers of this mindset, they are, themselves, the true source of devotion. Worshipers of these spirits are often called Centralists.

Spirit of Mankind: This worship places faith in both technology and the common man. It's the belief that all sentient creatures will prevail and move forth, aided by the ever pushing development of science, art and philosophy. Worshipers of these spirits are often called Humanists.

Spirit of Adventure: This is the closest to being atheistic as Glyph residents get. Instead of praising anything, they simply revel in experience, finding adventure, fortune and glory wherever they see fit. Worshipers of these spirits are often called Venturists.

Setting Rules

Guns are Allowed: In Riftgate, technology has managed to increase tenfold since the Ravaging. Now, most sectors of the city have access to blackpowder weaponry, as well as arcane electricity.

Riftkeys: Riftkeys are items that open specific riftgates by turning any rift into a rift to the desired dimension for about a day. The drawback is that once a riftkey is used, it remains dormant for an unspecified amount of time. Riftkeys come in various shapes and sizes, some not looking like keys at all.
There is a specific type of riftkey called a Passport. These rare keys, often given out by the Planeswalker guild, allow the owner to turn any riftgate on a plane into a passage to Glyph. Once they are used, they only take a day until they are recharged.

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