Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Monday, December 31, 2012

More variants for Psionics of Lore

Originally, I was going to only have one variant for each psionic class. However, I said "hell to it" and decided to have 5 for each, giving each class in B&T 5 variants to choose from. The list, along with a brief description, is as follows


Ardent- The ardent focuses more on improving their defense while in their psychic trance than improving their offense. The trance is basically my replacement to the bonus combat feats the warmind would get in 3.5

Crystal Warrior- This warmind specializes in drawing psionic power from crystals, as well as using crystals as weapons.

Relativist- The relativist is a master of manipulating gravity, able to move himself and others at his whim.

Blur- Most warminds are bastions of power, but the blur is a quick and agile brute.

Godmind- These champions release an aura of divinity, praising their gods while also ravaging brains.


Chrono- The chrono can manipulate time, both stopping it and speeding it up.

Enthraller- Enthrallers are controllers of mind and enslaves of will.

Erudite- Erudites have managed to find their way around having a psionic discipline, but finding powers is much harder for them

Cerebremancer- Cerebremancers are masters of both psionics and magic

Pyrokineticist- The pyrokineticist is a master of flame and conflagration, burning all in his path.


Soulbow- Instead of slashing with psionic blades, soulbows attack with psionic crossbows and longbows.

Soulfists- Soulfists wrap their very hands in psionic energy, punching holes through walls and minds

Slayer- Slayers make it their mission to seek out and kill evil abberations all across the world.

Warper- Warpers have molecular instability, which they can exploit by warping short distances around the battlefield.

Psywall- Psywalls can use their psionic energy to create shields in addition to their weapons, both to protect themselves and their allies.


Lurk- Lurks are psionic thieves who sneak around, using their psionics to best open up areas for backstabs.

Raver- Ravers not only lose control of their minds when they manifest powers, but they can also lose control of their bodies.

Savage- The savage is psionically in touch with nature in the entire world, using his mind to alter nature itself.

Mindeater- Mindeaters can drain others of their mental faculties, boosting themselves in return.

Placid- Placids actually live in pools of tranquility; they do not lose control, they cause others to.

Now to actually write the mechanics for these! Uh oh


  1. Looking forward to your lore books very much! I run a gaming group for my three sons and their three friends and I think this will fill a niche for us that we have been trying to fill for a long time.

    IF you feel like giving a sneak peek of that Dragonborn race I would appreciate that...I have one player who absolutely loves them and a conversion for B+T would be great!!

    Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thank you! Races of Lore is currently in layout, and Psionics of Lore is about 95% written. I'll post a preview for the Taninim (dragonkin) when I get a chance.

  2. Awesome!! Having read through as much as I can find that has been posted I am eagerly awaiting what you have put together for both!