Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Races of Lore Coming Soon

So, with a little suggestion from, I've reformatted Races of Lore. Furthermore, this reformat has allowed me to write up all the races.

Originally, each race had about 7 paragraphs describing it. I talked about the physical chracteristics, personalities, and cultural traditions. However, some user told me that I shouldn't think in "monocultures", such that every Tengu shared exactly the same culture. He was right, and it basically cut out around 2/3rds of my writing.

Further, in Blood & Treasure, the races aren't totally described, and I think the reason is so that people can interpret the races between GMs. I decided to do that, further reducing the word count.

Now, races are basically physical descriptions and a little bit about personalities. After that, its just statistics to play the race. I have to do a bit of editing, and hopefully John Stater will lay it out again in a similar fashion like he did with Heroes of Lore. So if all goes according to plan, Races of Lore will come out soon, possibly even within the month! Hope you guys are excited as I am.

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