Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Monday, December 10, 2012

Small Updated on Releases

So, as you know I currently have a few projects going on. They are

1. Pulpwood!
2. Races of Lore
3. Psionics of Lore
4. World of Lore

Sadly, Pulpwood! is on the backburner because school makes it hard to write fully fledged games. Supplements are much easier to do, and I can polish them off in a few weeks/a month or two.

Not too long ago, I said I would release Psionics of Lore before Races of Lore because it seemed like a much easier project. This was before I decided to convert most of the powers present in 3.5's Expanded Psionics Handbook. I'm on the Es right now, but it is long and tedious work.

On the other hand, all the mechanics for Races of Lore are done. It's just a matter of writing out all the background for the races.

World of Lore is in its infant stages, as I am still developing the setting and fleshing it out. I have some broad strokes, but now I need to get down to specifics.

So, what can you expect from these supplements?

Races of Lore - 12 new races to fill your fantasy game of choice with. From the aquatic Tuloids to the plant-like Spriggans, from the insectile Trinoks to the crystalline Welgs, these races will color your world and provide fair and balanced options for players.

Psionics of Lore - This is gonna be a big one. 3 psionic races (the half-dwarves, maenads and the kith-yang), 4 psionic classes with variants (the wilder, warmind, psion and soulknife), a giant list of over 200 psionic powers and a bevy of new psionic items to fill your campaign with.

World of Lore - My own high fantasy setting, Astoria. Enter a world inherited from ancient races after a mysterious war sent giant constructs ravaging across the lands. Discover the mysteries of the crysts, gigants and monoliths as you plunge through ancient tombs filled with strange magical technology, deal with courts full of lizardmen nobles and try to forge a new civilization on the backs of the old one.

Hope you guys are excited! I am.

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