Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Basic 4e - Reducing Classes

Since I'm done with Psionics of Lore, I can focus on other things. Namely, maybe some Basic 4e.

All day, I've been wrestling with classes, mostly on a power front. I was concerned about some classes, just as Avengers and Ardents, not being as strong classes as others. Also, some of the classes could just be utilized by simply throwing around some bonuses.

Then it occurred to me: I'll reduce the classes, and instead make the "real" classes as something akin to archetypes.

Thus, a class would be composed of three things: the Class, the Archetype. The Archetype would also provide the role of the character. I believe the class and the archetype would offer one power each, and in addition to the character's race, they will have three "permanent" powers at first level.

The classes would be based on power sources

Psionic characters are called Mentalists. Martial characters are called Warriors. Primal characters are called Spiritualists. Divine characters are called Priests. Arcane characters are called Mages.

The archetypes would then be the normal classes. Thus, the Archetypes for the Mentalist are the Monk, Battlemind, Ardent and Psion.

I actually like this approach a good deal. It may abolish my race-as-class idea, but oh well.

Also, I have decided that to keep with the spirit of B/X, the max level for Basic 4e will be 12. There will still be paragon and epic tiers, which will be at levels 4 and 8 respectively.

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