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Limitless Worlds

Monday, April 1, 2013

Elemental Lords Pt. 1 - Lord of Cold

I always thought the Elemental Princes of Evil were pretty cool ideas. Every other outsider seems to have a leader, such as Devil Princes or Demon Lords or even straight up gods, but it was cool to finally see a leader for the elementals.

Since I am 100% certain that the Elemental Princes of Evil have a trademark on their name, I am instead going to start presenting conversions of.... the Elemental Lords! I'm not going to stat out the Princes of Good, because they are honestly really boring.

First off is not Cryonax, but Hoarfrost! As long as you change the name, it's legal, folks.

Hoarfrost the Blizzard, Lord of Cold
Image courtesy of the D&D Wiki

Large Elemental, Chaotic (NE), Super Intelligence; Unique

HD      20 (90 HP)
AC      22 (+2)
ATK    2 tentacles (2d6 + 1d6 cold)
MV      60
SV       F 3, R 3, W 3
XP       10,000 (CL 22)

Hoarfrost is the Lord of Cold, ruling from a palace of glass, ice and snow on the juncture between the Elemental Plane of Water and the Elemental Plane of Air. Hoarfrost appears as a 15 foot tall simian-cephalopod hybrid. His arms are large tentacles and his blue skin is fringed with huge tufts of white fur. Hoarfrost may seem like he is generally unaware of the going-ons in the planes, but he is a careful and vile schemer, one of the worst of the Lords.

Hoarfrost constantly gives off an aura of cold that deals 1d6 cold damage every round to all within 15 feet of him, with no saving throw to resist. Any cold attack against Hoarfrost heals him 1 HP for every 3 damage that would have been dealt.

When Hoarfrost hits a creature with his tentacles, they must make a successful Fort save or be paralyzed for 3d4 rounds. Hoarfrost can also chill weapon at will, as the spell, except it affects all within a 30 foot radius of the target. Further, every time a weapon strikes Hoarfrost, it has a 10%
chance of shattering due to the supernatural cold he gives off.

Hoarfrost can summon cold creatures to aid him, once per day. He either summons 1d4 juvenile white dragons, 1d4 frost giants or 1d6 yetis.

Special Qualities: immune to cold, vulnerable to fire

Spells: At will – tongues, detect evil, detect good, dispel magic, teleport without error, see invisibility, suggestion, telekinesis, chill touch, cone of cold, ray of frost, sleet storm; 3/day – control weather, hold person, ice storm, polar ray, freezing sphere, wall of ice (triple normal thickness)

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