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Limitless Worlds

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sorcerer Bloodlines for B&T

I thought it would be cool to adapt the very sweet sorcerer bloodlines in Pathfinder for Blood & Treasure. Ideally, the sorcerer picks his bloodline at first level, and then gets the benefit listed. The "generic" sorcerer would be the Destined bloodline.
A Fiendish Sorcerer

You or an ancestor has made a deal with an aberration. Perhaps it was an aboleth, a mind eater or an Old One, but either way it has slightly corrupted you. You just don't seem "natural," though you look normal. You can cast psionic blast once per day.

You have dealings with a creature from a lower plane, be it a demon, devil, xoac, daemon, demodand or something else. You give off an unnatural heat, and perhaps you have very small horns. You can cast protection from good once per day.

You have made a pact, or have blood with, a creature from the upper planes. It could be an inevitable  polyhedriod, angel, kherubim, archon or celestial fey. You give off an unnatural calmness, and you may have a faint halo of light around your head. You can cast protection from evil once per day.

You have a dragon in your past. Be it gem, metallic or chromatic, their influence has made you slightly more fierce, and  may also cause scant scales to appear on your flesh. You can unleash a dragon's breath once per day, which acts like cone of cold but with an energy type appropriate to your dragon background (fire for red, acid for black, etc.). The attack only does a maximum of three dice of damage.

You have the primal blood of the elements flowing through your veins. Be it fire, water, earth or air,  you are at times chaotic and may appear to be slightly aquatic, made of stone or something else. You are resistant to either fire, cold, acid or lightning. If your race already makes you resistant, you are immune to it.

You have dealt with ancient nature spirits and capricious fey. You are full of energy and spirit, and perhaps your face becomes angular like a fairy or your skin starts to look plant-like. You have the woodland stride of a druid.

You have dealt with a powerful lich, vampire or other frightening creature from beyond the pale. As a result, you look extremely gaunt and pale, and almost always appear like you are on the brink of death. You can cast fear once per day

Some event in your past has made itself important to you. A prophecy, a curse, or just a general thrill of adventure has given you your magical abilities. Once per day,  you can add a +2 bonus to any roll you make as a free action. You can add this bonus after you roll.

Deep Earth
You have dealt with strange creatures who live deep underground. Drow, driders and more are your potential sponsors, and as a result your skin looks slightly darker and your eyes become nearly milky white. You have darkvision up to 60 feet, but this allows you to also see through magical darkness once per day.

You have made a deal with a creature from the Plane of Shadows, most likely a shadow or a shade. You look black and whispy, though your form is solid. You tend to be quite or scheme beyond closed doors. You can cast darkness once per day

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  1. Wow, really love the Bloodlines for Sorcerers for B&T: really great great supplement to the game! Just a question: Destined Bloodline: does the Destined Sorcerer add the + 2 before or after having rolled the die?
    Many thanks!