Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Setting Sunday (Saturday) - Classes in Astoria

I decided to write up what the core classes, including psionic classes, are often doing in my Astoria setting. There are a few mentions of organizations and factions, as well as some locations such as the Warpits.

Assassins - In the relative peace of Astoria, assassins are no longer needed to eliminate nobles or kings. However, that does not mean they are useless. Church infighting can cause a high-ranking priest or two to end up dead, and there is always money in private contracting and gang activities. Many assassins are associated with, either directly or indirectly, with Arbum's Hand, an elite assassin's guild that disguises itself as a cult of the death god.

Barbarian - Large tracks of land remain unexplored and wild after the Shattering, and many towns that have been cut off from trade routes have reverted to hunter-gatherer instincts. Barbarians are the warriors of these proto-tribes, and most dwell either in the harsh Wraithlands of the Sapphire Bastion or the thick, steaming jungles of the Primal Forest in the Alexandrite Bastion. There has also been a recent influx of pirate raiders along the Amber Coast, pillaging in their wooden ships with dragon prows.

Bards - Cities are spread apart in Astoria, often built in or around the ruins of the Elder Civilizations. Someone needs to ferry news between them, and the Bard is the perfect candidate. The bard's stories of adventure, court intrigue and danger are always welcome in any mead hall, inn or town square throughout the country. Many are members of the Venture Guild, hoping to go on dangerous quests to add to their repertoire of songs and tales.

Cleric - Gods are all too real in Astoria, though they have remained relatively distant since they formed the world. A major shrine, church or temple to one gods exists in almost every city and town, and each is attended by one or more clerics. The main church, called the Church of the High Lords, is less of a real church and more of a demilitarized zone for opposing priests. Even the demoniac cultists of Karamog can find a warm bed and meal in one of the Tetradecons that the Church operates out of.

Druid - Druids play a major role in the untracked wildernesses, and even more so with races such as the elves or lizardfolk. They operate in circles, one for each major wilderness in Astoria, but there is no Grand Druid or discernible organization amongst them. Druids make it there mission to tend to the wilds of the country, while keeping people safe from its dangers.

Duelist - Roguish bandits and fighters, duelists are only slightly more tolerated than thieves. Many make their living as corsairs or mercenaries, as few would want a duelist in a town guard or army. Many join up with the Cobalt Blades, the best mercenary league around. There they will find coin, drink and women to meet their fill

Fighter - Fighters are the most diverse lot throughout the bastions. They may be a Hold Guard, a gladiator in the Warpits of the Grand Maw, a mercenary for the Cobalt Blades, the leader of an army or a simple adventurer. Wherever you go, you will find fighters willing to lend a blade and their bravery

Magic-User - Magic is everywhere in Astoria, with the inherent energy of the crysts helping it along. Magic-users are alchemists, artificers who study monoliths, elementalists, wild mages or just pure magicians who focus on scholarly pursuits. Almost all magic-users learned their craft from the Scholia Arcana, a network of magic schools dotted around the country, with the enormous main campus being located in the heart of Phalanx. Magic is mysterious, but few people fear it anymore.

Psion - Crysts are not only magical, but psionic in nature. Thus, the psion can thrive throughout the lands, and they are often accepted just as well as magic-users are. Despite this, very few psions exist, mostly because the art of psionic powers is much more difficult to manifest than learning magic. Those that do usually work for the Observers of the Veil, where they are officially registered as mandated psions. Those who are not registered are known as "rogues" and are looked down upon by their brethren as being wild and dangerous.

Monks - At least one major monk school exists in each Bastion, though the training and mental preparation often leaves many initiates in the lurch. The absurd focus and tenacity of the monk leaves people to believe they may be marginally psychic, which would not be too surprising. Still, these bare handed brawlers are often more independent than fighters, usually choosing to wander the world in order to find their personal enlightenment.

Paladins - Paladins often find their living as defenders of noble houses, or even the active military of some influential gods. Some simply wander the land, dispensing justice and smiting the wicked. Others head armies, and it is not strange to see a platoon of paladins on any major battlefield.

Ranger - Rangers are pretty well off in Astoria, plunging through its deserts, swamps, forests and arctic wastes. They make their living as hunters and trappers, or maybe pathfinders or caravan defenders. Some are simply scouts, and some have made it their mission to not just live in the wilderness, but to protect it, much like a druid.

Sorcerer - Unlike magic-users, very few sorcerers are part of the Scholia Arcana. Their magic is seen as strange, and perhaps even demonic and untamed. Regardless, some of the most praised magicians in Astorian history were sorcerers. Sorcerers are often more prone to adventuring and exploring than their magic-user cousins, always looking for a new spell, magic item or monolith to claim.

Soulknife - Soulknives rarely associate with the Observers of the Veil, and when they do it is usually only to slay aberrations. Soulknives often find better coin in assassin or military missions, so quite a few are present in both the Cobalt Blades and Arbum's Hand. Many soulknives dream of planar traveling, trying to eliminate the threat the Veil of Darkness constantly poses to the multiverse.

Thief - Thieves are both the most mistrusted and the most important people in the country. While often seen as common pickpockets, murderers and con artists, few go into the numerous ruins of Astoria without a trusty thief to navigate them around traps and locks. Some thieves align themselves with the House of Daggers, an organization that focuses more on Robin Hood heroics than the banditry commonly associated with the scoundrels.

Wilder - Like how the druid is a primal priest, and the sorcerer a primal mage, so the wilder is the primal psionicist. Most wilders discover their powers naturally, often to damaging or dangerous effects. Many are outcasts from their homes, seen as freaks or possessed. Some wander, some become mercenaries and some join the Observers. The life of a wilder is often lonely and full of hardship

Warminds - Warminds are quite versatile characters, often sharing the same kind of professions available to any other fighter. Many join the Cobalt Blades or the Observers, while a select few, called the Wanderers, travel the countryside looking for hopeful students to train in the way of psionics.

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