Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pulpwood - Another re-write!

I'm working on Pulpwood!, and I've come to a conclusion now.

I'm ditching mostly everything I've done before. I'm keeping the default setting, but all the mechanics are going out the window. The initial ones, my attempt at making it d6, my attempt at making Pulp World (though I still like that idea).

Instead, what I'm gonna do is base it off of Blood & Treasure.

Yes, that other game I post about all the time. I found a great old d20 minigame called "Pulp Heroes," and I'm gonna basically salvage it, possibly change some stuff, but it will be great.

Some things that will be changing:

1. There will be origins. These are like races, but instead are descriptors like "Patriot" and "Primitive"
2. Expanding classes out. There will be more classes, of course. The magic user and the mentalist will be rolled into one class, but I'm gonna throw in some things such as "gangster" and whatever.
3. Some new feats
4. Rules for chases and vehicle combat
5. Some pulp monsters

And other stuff I don't know about. I feel like this will be a much better game, and you can even merge it with B&T to add in some fantasy to your pulp. Why stat up zombies when they are literally right there?

Anyway, that's that. Hope I can produce some results soon.

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