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Limitless Worlds

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Elemental Lords Pt. 4 - Lady of Water

Sorry I haven't posted one of these in a while! Today, we have not Olhydra, but Riptide! Riptide is perfect for a heavy naval battle; I can just imagine her running around, ramming and flipping over ships while the heroes frantically try to stop her!

Riptide the Deluge, Lady of Water
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Huge Elemental, Chaotic (NE), Super Intelligence; Unique

HD      20 (100 HP)
AC      22 (+1)
ATK    Slam (2d12)
MV      30 (Swim 120)
SV       F 3, R 3, W 3
XP       10,000 (CL 23)

Riptide is the Lord (or, more specifically, Lady) of Water, and she lives in a ruined castle made of black coral in the Elemental Plane of Water. She often appears as a monstrous wave with a humanoid face within its churning waters. She is quite creative and subject to her own whims, going through moods of calm and rage in a matter of minutes. These mood swings can make her quite dangerous. She can speak Abyssal and Water Elemental.

Riptide also gives off a 10-ft. radius of moisture which puts out all open flames within the radius. She can also automatically dispel magical fires if she touches them, similar to dispel magic.

While in the water, Riptide can choose to swim at up to quadruple her normal speed, ramming into a waterborne target such as a ship. She does 2d6+15 damage to the target, and if she successfully hits a ship by a margin of 10 (e.g. she rolls a 30 against an AC of 20), she breeches the ships hull and it will sink in 1d10 minute. Creatures thrown about on a rammed ship must make a Reflex save or suffer 1d10 damage. She can also flip a ship (up to 210 feet long) as an action, or hold a ship (up to 420 feet long) motionless as an action. Ships near Riptide will only move at half speed.

Riptide can turn into a whirpool, just like a water elemental can. The vortex is 10 feet wide at the base, up to 50 feet wide at the top, and up to 80 feet tall. Those sucked in take 2d6 damage every round. Riptide also gets a +2 to damage and attacks if she and her opponent are both in water, though he takes a -4 to damage and attacks if her or the target is on dry land.

Though Riptide is resistant to cold, she’s not immune from it. If 20 points of cold damage are dealt to her at once, she will be slowed like the spell.

Riptide can summon water creatures to aid her, once per day. She can summon 1d6 tojanida, 1d3 large water elementals, 1d3 hezrous or 1d2 sea hags.

Special Qualities: resistant to cold

Spells: At will - tongues, detect evil, detect good, dispel magic, teleport without error, see invisibility, suggestion, telekinesis, control water, create water, obscuring mist; 3/day – death fog, fog cloud (triple normal area), ice storm, transmute rocks to mud; 1/day – horrid wilting

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