Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Elemental Lords Pt. 3 - Lord of Fire

Time to heat up the place with a bad pun! Here we have not Imix, but Cinder! This guy has a lot of fire power (literally), with the ability to cast fireball at will!

Cinder the Inferno, Lord of Fire
Image courtesy of the D&D wiki

Huge Elemental, Chaotic (NE), Super Intelligence; Unique

HD      20 (120 HP)
AC      22 (+2)
ATK    2 slams (2d6 + 2d6 fire)
MV      60
SV       F 3, R 3, W 3
XP       10,000 (CL 23)

Cinder is the Lord of Fire, and he lives in a giant, active volcano on the Elemental Plane of Fire. He appears as a 18’ tall humanoid made of fire, his flaming face looking similar to a skull. Cinder possesses almost infinite energy, and his brash decision making has earned him both grand victories and devastating loses.

Cinder constantly radiates an aura of heat, dealing 1d10 fire damage per round to anyone within a 10-ft. radius of him. If Cinder hits someone with his attacks, the creature must make a Fort save or catch on fire. The fire burns for 1d4 rounds and deals 2d6 damage per round. A move action can simply put out the flame. Anything that attacks Cinder with a natural weapon, such as fists or claws, instantly catches flame unless they are resistant or immune to it.

Cinder can shine as bright as a sun three times per day. This shine lasts for 2d4 rounds, and dazes anyone within 120 feet of him. This light can also cancel out supernatural darkness.

Cinder can summon fire creatures to aid him, once per day. He can summon 1d6 large fire elementals, 1d3 efreets or 1d3 noble salamanders.

Special Qualities: immune to fire, vulnerable to cold

Spells: At will - tongues, detect evil, detect good, dispel magic, teleport without error, see invisibility, suggestion, telekinesis, fireball, heat metal, pyrotechnics, scorching ray; 3/day – fire storm, flame strike, wall of fire (triple normal area); 1/day – incendiary cloud

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