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Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Changing Daemons

Image from Ye Olde Gaming Companye
Daemons have had a weird place in D&D and its ilk for a while. While demons are seen as ravagers, often based on classic ideals of mariliths and red devils, and devils are the scheming satans, daemons have just been there to fill a void, really. Their position in the Blood War is boring at best, and even their home of Gehenna has something to be desired.

Pathfinder does daemons better, in that they are instead embodiments of death. Literally, the hydrodaemon is the physical representation of death by drowning. Cool, but I of course can not harp on their design.

Instead, I'm going to make daemons into embodiments of sin. Gluttony, Lust, Anger and so on, with the Oinodaemon embodying ultimate sin. Of course, numerous smaller sins can be made into lesser daemons, but these ones will be the big seven. Here is the first, known as an Aviritia


Medium Outsider, Chaotic (NE), Super Intelligence; Solitary

HD      12
AC      23 (+3)
ATK    2 claws (1d4) and bite (2d6)
MV      30 (Fly 40)

Avaritias are the record keepers of the daemons, often dressed in resplendent robes of crimson. They are the embodiment of greed, forever searching for new knowledge, recruits or riches. They look like muscular humans with the head of a jackal, and their eyes shine like diamonds. They are probably the most civilized of the daemons, but that is difficult to say. Avaritias can read and write all languages.

The claws of an avaritia can target nerves easily, giving anyone hit by them a -1 penalty to attack rolls until healed by a spell such as bless. If not healed, the effect is permanent.

Once a day, an arcanodaemon can summon 1d6 mezzodaemons or 1d2 derghodaemons

Special Qualities: immune to acid, fire and poison, spell resistance 60%, vulnerable to cold

Spells: At will – alter self, animate dead, cause disease, charm person, produce flame, teleport without error, darkness, fly, heat metal, invisibility, magic missile, shape change, telekinesis, warp wood; 1/day – fear

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