Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Changing Guardinals

A majestic leonal. Image from Wizards of the Coast
In the upcoming bestiary (or perhaps planar supplement), I decided to add in a few things. One example is the rest of the guardinals, called the kherubim in B&T. These guys are the neutral good outsiders; they take the form of wise humanoid animals, and I've always found them to be quite cool.

Of course, I can't infringe on copyright, so they had to be modified. Here is what happened.

The cervidal, which was once basically a celestial satyr, is still the cervidal. However, my cervidal is more based on a moose than a satyr. Cervidae is, after all, the family that moose belong under. Also, goats are more related to cows than deer, so perhaps a better name for the original would be a caprinal. Oh well.

The equinal is now the bovinal, who, instead of having horse features, has features of an ox. Oxen are pretty terrifying actually, but I hope I am not intruding on minotaur territory. I've always thought of minotaurs being more like a cow than an ox, though.

The lupinal is now the crocinal, which is a humanoid crocodile. My university's mascot is an alligator, so this one kind of holds a soft spot for me. Also, I thought I'd throw in a reptile into the overwhelmingly mammalian party. My other possibility was a dolphinal, which would have been orca-like.

Finally, the ursinal is now the pachinal, who is a Ganesha-like elephant being. Bears are wise, elephants are wise, so the path was easy to follow. Besides, the Warden Archons are already bear enough. Two bear celestials? Come on.

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