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Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hell on Earth Reloaded Alternatives

So you may be saying, "Oh Tanner, those mechanics are super awesome, but what if I don't have the Sci-fi Companion."

Well I've come to answer your question!

Power Armor

In all honesty, the three suits of power armor in the Savage Worlds Deluxe book hew pretty close to HoE power armor minus all the bookkeeping headache. The Scout, Battle and Heavy Suit are all builds I would not be surprised to see most often in the Wasted West, and you can do small finagles to add variation. I'd reduce cost, though (Scout is $8,000, Battle $9,000 and Heavy $10,000). You'd probably only find power armor with the Steel Knights though. I'd also probably just do 1 pound of ghost rock can power up the armor, and I'd keep the sealing-in-from-elements.

This may show up in play for me, actually, but the answer is there.


Like HoE: Reloaded says, you can rip the mechanics straight from the Smith & Robard's supplement. You won't be getting some things like skill chips, but that's not too big of a concern. I would keep most of those mechanics, though, in terms of installing bionics and etc. Also, scrappers don't suffer the normal Charisma loss that "augers" in the Weird West do.

Both edges I created are also still appropriate, I think.


There is a good post by Clint of Pinnacle Games explaining why they went a more archaic approach with suggesting Augur tech rather than Scrapper tech, and it makes sense to me. But do what you will!

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