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Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'd Give My Right Arm: Deadlands Hell on Earth Reloaded Scrappers

And here we are with the rules for scrappers, which I've cobbled together from the Smith & Robbard's Rules for Deadlands Reloaded and the Iron Oasis rules. Bionics were already described in the core HoE:R book, so I won't spend too much time on them here.

Electric Sheep

Certain bionics do exist that not only replace body parts, but improve them. Generally called augments, these are also mostly only found in the haven of Iron Oasis.

The rules for the maximum amount of augments a scrapper can have, i.e. the Strain, is fully described in the Sci-fi Companion. Further, damage to bionics systems is also discussed in the Hell on Earth Reloaded setting book. However, there are a few subtleties that are not addressed there.

The $20,000 Man

Bionics come in two types: Junker or pre-war. Pre-war cost the normal price and are usually Rare, even in Junkyard. However, once the surgery is done, pre-war augments are nearly perfect, and thus never malfunction.

Junker bionics is, of course, constructed by Junkers using Components. The rules utilize the rules for Gadgeteer, with the Power being bound trying to be relatively equivalent thematically to the augment being taken (it's up to the Marshal for this). The Junker also must have enough money for more specialized parts, though the cost is 50% of what a normal augment costs. The drawback to this is that Junker bionics can malfunction, which is described below.

I Briefly Associated With Doctors

Installing bionics of any kind is a messy. It requires a successful Knowledge: Medicine roll, and the surgery takes about 1 hour per point of Strain it applies (pure bionic limbs inflict 1 Strain). A success on the roll means the implant took, though the scrapper still takes a Wound that must be recovered naturally. A raise negates that wound. A failure on the roll means the augment simply didn't take, though the surgery can be re-done.

A crit failure is more dangerous. It appears that the augment took as a success, but every day the scrapper must make a Vigor roll, with a -1 penalty per day after the operation (to a maximum of -4). On a failure, the scrappers body rejects the implant, causing 2d6 damage and the failure of the implant. The only remedy is to remove the augment; it will never work on the scrapper. Yes, this does mean if a scrapper has a high enough Vigor, they could walk around with faulty bionics for possibly months at a time.

Note that bionics can only be installed on living creatures. If a Harrowed wants to be cybered up, he best become a Cyborg.

The Sparks Means It's Working

Junker built bionics are cheap but unstable, tending to break under pressure. Once per day, the Marshal should roll a d6. On a 1, if the scrapper rolls a 1 at all during the day (regardless of Wild Die), one random piece of Junker bionics will Malfunction like a Weird Science Device.

Starting with Bionics

Scrapper - Background Edge

You start off with a few bits of bionics strapped to you. You can either start with 1 Strain of pre-war tech, or 2 Strain worth of Junker tech.

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