Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Age of Rebirth Pt. 2 - The Basic Plotline

A quick overview is in order of this kind of involved setting.

Basically, there were these 21 chaotic gods named the Arcana that got bored of being so godlike in the ether of nothing, so they created all of reality, called the Manifest, and the multiverse as well, called the Fabric. They suffused every living thing with Mana, the energy of the cosmos, thus bestowing souls upon the recipients. So in this setting, magic is your soul

The Arcana turned away for, like, six seconds, only to come back to basically find the Manifest boiling over. Turns out, the Arcana are way too chaotic to properly hold together reality.

So they created the Reversed, 21 gods that served as the mirror images to the Arcana. And that basically fixed everything for at least a while. Turns out, the Reversed were just as powerful and willful as the Arcana, just in different ways.

So as a contingency, the Arcana made the Tarot, enlightened champions pulled from all across the Manifest and the Fabric, to serve as their watchdogs. They created the fey-like Cups, the robotic Pentacles, the demonic Wands and the ghostly Swords. They also chose certain humans as chosen sons, naming them Fools because of their unwritten destiny.

The world became pretty alright, except eventually the Reversed noticed that the Arcana and their Tarot champions were getting all the recognition. So the Reversed made their own Tarot in secret, calling them the Trump.

One night, hell broke loose as the Trumps were released across the Manifest and the Fabric, striking down the Tarot, their great works, and killing hundreds of thousands (if not millions). Reality descended once again into anarchy, but the Tarot were too weak to do anything except regain strength.

Eventually, though, the Tarot did regain strength. Though small in number, champions have arisen throughout the Manifest who have started to destroy high ranking Trumps and restore civilization to what it once was. Many people herald this time as the beginning of the fabled Age of Rebirth

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