Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

FASERIP Settings - Age of Rebirth Pt.1

Just a quick recap, I said before that I was writing some settings for the upcoming FASERIP game by Blacky the Blackball (the game rules by the way), and I actually made a last minute change.

Originally, one of my settings was going to be a modified cyberpunk setting, and this one still exists. However, the other was going to be post apocalypse, and while I wrote up a brief for it, it felt way too loose and boring for me to want to put in the game.

So I did a heel turn, and decided instead to write something called Age of Rebirth.

I didn't grow up playing things like Baldur's Gate or Wizardry; my exposure to roleplaying games was Final Fantasy, Tales of Symphonia, Golden Sun, Kingdom Hearts and Shin Megami Tensei. It wasn't boots on the ground soldiers plunging into dangerous dungeons; it was acrobatic warriors screaming out the names of their special attacks as they basically waded through gods like an ankle-high stream.

Age of Rebirth is my answer to want to play such a game on the tabletop. A lot of games try to harp on this style (Exalted, Anima, Weapons of the Gods), and while they aren't bad, they kind of get caught up in their own butts. You will notice that some of the setting harps on Exalted, which is intentional, but I feel like I've made it my own.

The setting will feature magical gear called Instruments, the ability to summon otherwordly creatures, a Limit Break-esque Overdrive, and the ability to manipulate ambient Mana.

A setting summary will come soon, but thought I'd start out with just a light teaser!

Keep watch, the game is very close to finished

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