Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Beer & Tequila - Drinking Rules for B&T

I thought for a fun distraction when you don't want to take a game night too seriously, I would find a way to make B&T (or really any fantasy RPG) into a drinking game. The rules are fairly easy. The rules are designed to be played with beer, but hard liquor can also be used at your own caution

The Players Drink:

When they use a class ability (casting a spell, bardic knowledge, shapeshift, etc.)
They use/activate a magic item
They rest for the night
They find a loot stash (All players drink)
When they purchase items
They fail a saving throw or heroic task

The GM Drinks:

When a group of your monsters dies (all skeletons in a fight, all goblins, etc.)
When the player's avoid a trap
When you use "DM intervention" ("The lich didn't really die")
When the player's ignore something obvious
You fudge a roll
You make an NPC go against their personality/alignment

Everyone Drinks

When a quest/objective is completed
When a new town/NPC/dungeon is introduced
Someone rolls a fumble
Someone rolls a critical
An inside joke is told (You know your group has some)
The game gets sidetracked

Finish Your Drink

A character falls unconscious (Player of dead character finishes)
A character acts against their alignment
Someone acts like a mary-sue or power gamer
The boss is killed (GM drinks)
You get poisoned/diseased
You have to scramble to adapt to the player's decision (GM drinks)

That's all for now. Give it a try and tell me if you get smashed, either by alcohol or a goblin! Drink and quest responsibly.

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