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Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dungeon World - Alignments/Races for Monk and Barbarian

Blackfoot, Orc Monk
So I do like other games besides B&T; I also like Dungeon World! There are two great files out there (here and here) that list how to play the base classes in DW using any class or alignment. While this is complete for the core game, the Barbarian class and Peter Johansen's Monk class do not have such a thing. So here are my ideas for them

Barbarian Alignments

Lawful - Uphold an ancient law of your tribe

Good - Help those faced with destruction

Evil - Destroy for the sake of destruction

Barbarian Races

No need, as any race can be a Barbarian.

Monk Alignments

Chaotic - Fight someone for the smallest indiscretion

Monk Races

Halfling - You manage to get out of the stickiest of situations in a rather stylish manner. When you use your grace to avoid harm, you can spend 1 ki to take +1 forward to Defy Danger.

Elf - You always offer sage wisdom behind your strength. When you spend a minute to focus your mind, ask "How can we avoid violence?" and the GM will answer you, honestly.

Orc - You can focus your people's fury into martial grace. Your unarmed attacks always have the forceful tag

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