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Monday, December 16, 2013

Small But Vicious Dog - Advanced Careers

So there is a cool game out there called Small But Vicious Dog, which is a hack of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay for B/X. Like WFRP, the game has careers, but no advance careers. So below I offer a solution! When you reach 8000 XP, you can take one of these careers as well as the additional abilities granted to the player's class. The career you get grants a new career skill as well as trappings.

Academic - Academics get access to an arcane lore of their choice (Chaos, College, Holy, etc.). Your casting die increases to 3. Wounds increase to 6 + 4d4

Roll 1d10 if you feel lucky
1. Alchemist - Chemistry, alchemist tools
2. Artisan - Craft Skill, tools of the trade
3. Cleric - Secret language (classical), holy doctrine
4. Demogogue - Blather, pamphlets
5. Druidic Priest - Animal care, game meat
6. Lawyer - Law, lawyer's wig and gown
7. Merchant - Evaluate, employ of d3 scribes
8. Physician - Medicine, black medicine bag, "crow" gas mask
9. Scholar - Scholarly Lore (Choose astronomy, cartography, etc.), writing equipment
10. Wizard - Secret language (magick), arcane tome

Warrior - Warriors can re-roll a failed attack roll once per battle, though they must keep the new roll even if it's worse. Your WS bonus increases to +4. Wounds increase to 6 + 4d8

Roll 1d8
1. Duellist - Disarm, left-hand dagger
2. Freelancer - Ride Horse, horse and saddle
3. Judicial Champion - Dodge blow, signature weapon
4. Mercenary Captain - Heraldry, flask of alcohol
5. Outlaw Chief - Follow trail, bow or crossbow
6. Sea Captain - Boat building, telescope
7. Templar - Secret signs (templar), religious symbol
8. Witch-hunter - Sixth sense, hand weapon and d4 throwing knives

Ranger - If rangers spend an action aiming, they add +1 to their ranged attack rolls. Your RS bonuse increases to +4. Wounds increase to 6 + 4d6

Roll 1d8
1. Artillerist - Carpentry, Charts and tables
2. Explorer - Cartography, d6 maps
3. Gunner - Engineer, charts and tables
4. Highwayman - Wit, a mask
5. Navigator - Astronomy, compass, sextant, etc.
6. Scout - Ride horse, horse with saddle
7. Slaver - Strike to stun, d4 manacles and 10 yds of rope
8. Targeteer - Marksmanship, bow or crossbow

Marksmanship - Can make called shots with only a -1 penalty.

Rogue - If you spend at least two rounds studying an enemy and make a successful sneak attack, they enemy must make a save or die instantly. Some enemies without easily discernable anatomies can't be affected by this. Your sneak attack bonus becomes x3. Wounds increase to 6 + 4d6

Roll 1d8
1. Assassin - Disguise, garrotte
2. Charlatan - Charm, d6 various fake compounds
3. Counterfeiter - Metallurgy, metalworking tools
4. Fence - Palm object, large overcoat with many pockets
5. Forger - Forgery, engraving tools
6. Racketeer - Dodge blow, broad-brimmed hat and knuckledusters
7. Spy - Shadowing, codebook, d4 homing pigeons
8. Torturer - Torture, d10 knives, whips and irons

Here are some small Lore spell lists, focusing on the 8 winds of magic. Each has about three spells and most of these can be found in B/X. The small amount I think lends itself well to the low magic of the game, and I tried to find spell analogues that best showed what the lore did. Divine Lores may come in the future, probably

Lore of Beasts

Calm the Wild Beast (14) - As Charm Monster, only works on animals
Form of the Wild (14) - As Polymorph Self
The Beast Unleashed (12) - As Animal Growth

Lore of Death

Deathsight (10) - As detect invisible
Wind of Death (18) - As death spell
Final Words (8) - Can speak with the dead

Lore of Fire

Fireball (12) - As fireball
Shield of Aqshy (14) - As wall of fire
Crown of Fire (10) - As bless

Lore of the Heavens

Lightning Bolt (12) - As lightning bolt
Curse (10) - As curse
Omen (14)- Can divine the future in a limited way

Lore of Life

Curse of Thorns (10)- As web
Spring Bloom (14) - As plant growth
Earth Gate (18) - As move earth

Lore of Light

Healing of Hysh (14) - As cure serious wounds
Blinding Light (10) - As continual light
Banish (16)- As turn undead against daemons

Lore of Metal

Armour of Lead (12) - As slow
Curse of Rust (16) - As disintegrate, but only on metal
Law of Logic (14) - As detect lie

Lore of Shadow

Shroud of Invisibility (10)- As invisibility
Bewilder (14) - As confusion
Illusion (10) - As phantasmal force

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