Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blood & Treasure - Druid Terrains

An Arctic Druid and her animal companions
Terrains for druids have been an on and off thing for d20 druids, but I always liked them. So why not throw them into my favorite d20 game? These are treated like archetypes, similar to cleric domains or magic-user schools. I may go back and revise those bloodlines for sorcerers as well, adding more and stuff. It'll be fun to give all the magic focused classes some options

Also remember to check out Heroes of Lore. It has a bunch of other archetypes, including the Stormcaller, Titan, Shaman and Witch for the druid.

Terrain Druid

Druids are usually trained in respecting the various forests of the world, but some specialize in their home realms. Druids who specialize in a specific terrain can only shapeshift into animals and plants of that region. For example, a swamp druid could turn into an alligator or a stork, but not a bear or an elk. In exchange, the druid gets a special ability.

Aquatic Druid - You are devoted to seas, oceans and lakes. You are skilled in Swimming
Arctic Druid - Your domain are the taigas, tundras and arctic deserts. You require half as much food as normal
Blight Druid - Your domains are the pitiful lands ruined by natural or magical catastrophes. You gain a familiar as the Find Familiar spell.
Cave Druid - You live in caverns, canyons and cracks. You have a knack in noticing stone work like a dwarf. If you are a dwarven cave druid, you become skilled in these tasks
Desert Druid - From mesas to dunes, hot and arid lands are where you feel most comfortable. You require half as much water as normal
Jungle Druid - The dark and steaming jungle is where you roam. You are skilled in Tracking.
Mountain Druid - From highest peaks to lowest valleys, you jump between shelves like a goat. You are skilled in Climb Sheer Surfaces
Plains Druid - Savannah, hill lands and farmlands are your purview. Your land speed increases by 10 feet.
Swamp Druid - Murky swamps and quagmires cradle you in sticky warmth. You gain a +2 bonus to saves to resist disease
Urban Druid - A rare breed, urban druids protect the new "terrain" of cities, villages and homes. You are skilled in Trickery.

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