Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blood & Treasure - More Sorcerer Bloodlines

More bloodlines, adapted from Pathfinder of course

Boreal: Spirits of the north, giants and sleet are in your blood. Your skin is cold to the touch, and you are possibly blue or pure white. You can cast sleet storm once per day.

Dreamspun: Your ancestors had the power to nearly transcend dreams and see what lies beyond the realm of the conscious mind. Your head is always in the clouds, and people near you have extremely vivide dreams. You can cast sleep once per day.

Maestro: Muses, spirits of music and sound fill your bloodline. Music and sweet smells may follow you wherever you go You can fascinate as a bard once per day

Martyred: Your ancestor paid the ultimate price for their beliefs, and you carry on their tenacity. You often carry a scar of the wound that ended their life. Once a day, after you are hit in battle you can attempt to make a Will save. If you pass, your next spell is twice as effective.

Verdant: Plant creatures, both intelligent and otherwise, are in your heritage. Your skin may be greenish, and flowers may just grow out your hair. You can cast entangle once per day

Stormborn: Spirits of storms and storm giants are in your blood. The air around you may crackle and your hair may constantly be blowing in the wind. You can cast shocking grasp once per day

Accursed: Your family line is cursed, either by a creature, a witch or some other damned thing. A mark of your curse is usually always visible, such as a sigil. You can cast ray of enfeeblement once per day

Aquatic: You have the blood of krakens, mermen and sahugin in you. Your fingers may be webbed and you may always smell like salt air. You can cast water breathing once per day

Arcane: The normal path for most sorcerers, you are trained in magic. Maybe you have the blood of a hag in you, or you just trained hard. You gain identify as a free bonus spell.

Rakshasa: The mysterious tiger demons, who are kind, cunning and ruthless fills your veins. You may appear slightly felinoid, are maybe your palms are reversed. You can cast charm person once per day

Serpentine: In your blood is the spirit of nagas, ophidians and lizardmen. You may have needle-like teeth or scales on the backs of your hands. You can cast hypnotize once per day

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