Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Friday, May 5, 2017

Three Hundred Years' War - A ZWEIHANDER Setting Series

Hello all, it's been a while. You probably have noticed if you backed my ZWEIHANDER project that we are on the extreme back end of it - illustrated PDFs have gone out, and the print version should be getting in your hands in June.

So in-between that time and our next project, I am going to start a series on here called "The Three Hundred Years' War." ZWEIHANDER doesn't have an inherent setting, which is one of the benefits of it, I feel. However, some people would like to explore in a world of Empires and Liche Kings and so on, so I'm gonna start up one.

It's no mystery that the Old World setting of Warhammer is based roughly around The Thirty Years' War, and I plan to do the same with mine. However, I'm going to have different interpretations of the countries and conflicts within it. There will be both favorites and new things, as well as a few scrubbed ideas.

Each post will address a topic I feel like covering - a race, a country, a religion and so on. It should be a fun writing exercise and will hopefully help quench some peoples' thirsts.

The first one should be coming soon as near as I think up a topic to do it on. Might start out light before going in too hard.

Anyway, I hope you all are as excited as I am, and happy gaming!


  1. I love this project and it's a very cool idea to present parts of it like this. My own dark fantasy setting, Terra Innominata (originally planned for Blood & Treasure actually), is much more loose in planning but I'll be sure to steal some inspiration and ideas from you :) Thanks for posting this series!

    1. No probs, thanks for reading! Plenty more to come