Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Three Hundred Years' War - The Main Factions

So to start off, I thought I would just do a very brief overview list of the factions that will be present in the Three Hundred Years' War setting - similar to the armies of the Old World.

I've divided the main factions, 28 in total, into an Order and Chaos orientation. Some of these may not make sense at first blush - such as why the Aztlan, who would traditionally line up with Order, instead fall into Chaos.

I see it instead as human vs. unhuman, with unhumanity lying within Chaos and humanity in Order. That said, these are not 'hard locked' alliances. For example, Couronne and the Imperium have been at a cold war for centuries, yet they are both Order factions. The individual nuances will gain more ground under each individual entry

Without further ado, here is the faction list!

  • Hespia
  • Albain
  • Couronne
  • The Imperium and Schwarzlander
  • Noreg
  • The Alpenne States and Lekhitian-Tuvian Commonwealth
  • Olmani
  • Ruthen
  • Gurkani
  • Chongzhen
  • Nihon
  • Dwarven Holds
  • Elven Homelands
  • Wood Elf Glades
  • Aztlan Temple-Cities
  • Fomorian Covens
  • Skrzzak Kabals
  • Vampire Broodhordes
  • Defiler Legions
  • Orx WAAAGH! Parties
  • Grendel Wild Hunts
  • Fey Coteries
  • Amazonian Hosts
  • Ogrish Khanates
  • Duergar Ziggarauts
  • Siabra Fleets
  • Legions of the Usher
  • Demoniac Hordes
Next time, I think I will delve into a quick overview of Europa, my Old World expy. Stay tuned!

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