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Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Three Hundred Years' War - World at Large and Revisions

I've made some changes in how the Three Hundred Years' War setting will play out. Basically, due to work and real life, I don't have enough time to devote to large amounts of research and writing. Instead, I'm going to go to a structured, broad strokes setting like early WFRP did.

To give you a taste of that, below I have listed every country in the Three Hundred Years' War setting and my intentions for it. Below that, I have put the new format that countries will be described in - once again, similar to WFRP 1e. My goal is to hopefully fit each country on a page or two. Also note that these are only for the nations of the setting - I'll have other sections on religion, magic, and history as well.

Europa (Europe)

Albain: Based on England after the Union of the Crowns and in the height of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. Unlike WH, the pre-Roman Britain will be restricted to 'Scotland'.

Couronne: Based on France after the French Wars of Religion, especially the Huguenot Wars. Will be much more 'traditional' France rather than Arthurian.

Gilded Imperium: Based on the Holy Roman Empire under Ferdinand II, but with a lot of focus on the Protestant Reformation and the subsequent Thirty Years' War - or its fantasy analogue. Will most likely have a large focus like the Empire did. This will also contain the Sylvania/Transylvania analogue

Noreg: Based on an anachronistic Kalmar Union, set after the Kalmar War with parts of Noreg (aka Sweden) trying to be independent. Sweden will keep the Norsca theme of raiders, while the others will be a more proper 'kingdom.'

Alpenne States: Based on Italy after it was basically split up between Spain and France, with only a few states like Venice and the Papal States. The Papal States will become the religious center of Europa instead of the Gilded Imperium - not a big surprise.

Schwarzlander: Based on the Dutch Republic, it is in the midst of the Eight Years' War for its independence. It'll be a trade state like the Wasteland, but they will have a much more independent streak

Lekhitian-Tuvian Commonwealth: Based on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, this is my Border Princes analogue. Strangely enough the Thirty Years' War was during the PLC Golden Age, so they'll kind of be a relatively peaceful place aside from internal skirmishing - mainly the Khemelnytskyi Uprisings.

Ruthen: Based on the Russian Tsardom, this will be post-Time of Troubles and the beginning of the legendary Romanovs. It'll be painted as a country trying to get back on its feet, with a little less mysticism than Kislev - though ice magick will still be a thing.

Hespia: Based on Spain during the Habsburgs, Hespia will play a much larger role in the global stage than Estalia did. Not only will they be a center of exploration and trade, but also the seat of the Inquisition (which no one expects). Spain was basically the second most powerful empire in Europe at the time, so I think it deserves to shine.

Non-Humans: Wood Elves will be based on Hungary, High Elves on Portugal, Dwarves on Romania, Halflings on Austria, Gnomes on Romani

Untamed Lands: Eireann is obviously supposed to represent the Kingdom of Ireland, a perfect home for the Fey.

Kibula (Africa)

Osmanli: Based on the Ottoman Empire, this is trying to move away from the 'Islamic Golden Age' weird pastiche that Araby is into the sprawling Turkic empire. This will be set during the Era of Transformation, which saw the Ottomans turn from expansionists into kind of a more bureaucratic state who upheld Islam. Also there will for sure be Barbary pirates

Sonrai Sultanates: A 'new' country, this is basically going to be the remnants of Morocco and the Songhai Empire after both have fallen. They've descended into a bunch of squabbling multiethnic city-states who either fight against each other or try to protect their borders from the undead. This is an attempt to separate the African parts of Araby into their own thing.

Untamed Lands: Bala-Khana is my Badlands analogue, and is supposed to be a mix of Saudi nomads, the Pushtans and the Uzbeks. The Kufu Expanse (and Habesha) is based on Ethiopia, while the Heart of Kibula is supposed to be my Amazon-filled Southlands by way of the Kongolese. The Plateau of Iram is supposed to be Persia, with the Duergar representing the Safavids.

Asiwai (Asia)

Gurkani: Based on Mughal Empire India, specifically under the reign of Shah Jahan (aka the person who built the Taj Mahal). Mughal India is a very interesting time period, as it was both flourishing and under great strife. I hope starting with this I can dissolve some of the weird mysticism that Warhammer has in their Eastern Lands for something more grounded.

Chongzhen: Based on Qing China, Chongzhen will about the transfer of the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty - quite a messy time in Chinese history.

Nihon: Based on Edo Japan, also knwon as the time of samurai, daimyo, ninjas and isolationism. It'll take place after the Sakoku Edict - which basically locked down the country and didn't allow any Japanese citizen to enter or leave.

Untamed Lands: Qingzang Highlands is my Ogre Kingdoms and based on Tibet. Tsagadaina Steppes are Mongolia and the Goblin khans. Chosun Peninsula is Joseon Korea but ruled by the Skrzzak, and the Kerajaan Archipelago is the Majapahit Empire but with more than a hint of Lovecraft and Rl'yeh.

New World (North and South America)

Dinetah Confederation: Much like how Africa never got any consideration in Oldhammer, neither did Native American tribes. My solution to this is the Dinetah Confederation - an association of Native tribes trying to fight back against the Siabra to the north and the Aztlan to the south. They will be based on the five largest Native tribes - Chippewa, Sioux, Cherokee, Navajo and various Latin tribes.

Untamed Lands: Dinetah is supposed to represent colonial America in its imperialism, while Anahuac is the Aztec Triple Alliance during its decline.

New Layout

Here is the new layout for each nation. I am going to go back and revise Couronne in a new post with this format, and then I'll have new stuff in this format from now on.

XXX (Name of country)

Recent Events

Lay of the Land

Politics and Divisions

The People of XXX

Notable Locations

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