Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Friday, March 7, 2014

ICONS and Masterminds: Omega

Alright, the big Darkseid/Thanos of the setting. I'm actually not going to be using ICONS anymore, because I actually prefer the pretty great MASKS game by Black the Blackball, which combines ICONS with FASERIP. That's a lot of capital letters!

And judging by these numbers, Omega is someone you do NOT want to mess with

Origin: Transformed

Combat: Phenomenal (100)
Health: Planetary (1000)
Agility: Decent (10)
Strength: Stellar (3000)
Intellect: Great (20)
Nous: Great (20)
Grit: Planetary (1000)

Stamina: 5000
Specialties: Science (Technology) +2


Wizardry (Reality Alteration) - Stellar (3000)
     Alteration Ray
             Transformation (Objects)
Life Support
Device (Armor)
      Damage Resistance - Phenomenal (100)
      Flight - Wonderful (75)
      Super Senses (Comprehend Languages) - Terrible (2)

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