Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Icons & Masterminds - Adapting M&M character to ICONS

With Great Power for Icons, power customization has reached an all time high for the game, easily getting on the same level as M&M. So I thought it might be interesting to adapt some characters from their Freedom City setting. Seems appropriate, as both games sprung from the mind of the awesome Steve Kenson. But here is the first one, Black Star!

Note: Black Star is PL 11, and I used point buy in ICONS to build him. I figured about 5 points equals a power level, so Black Star is built with 50 points as opposed to 45

Black Star

Origin: Gimmick

P 4
C 5
S 4
I 3
A 4
W 4


Darkness Control 5
Shadow Constructs
Flight 6
Space Flight
Life Support 8 (All expect Hunger and Sleep)
Resistance 4 (Damage)
Supersenses 1 (Darkvision)


Expert Deception

Stamina 8
Determination 1

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