Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Other Dust - Post-Fall Cybernetics

Stars Without Number has a good choice of harder cybernetics, and since Other Dust and that game are compatible, I thought I'd figure out a more flavorful way to implement this hyperadvanced tech into the scummy world of OD.


Every once in a while, the party may stumble upon an ancient cache with cyberware available. While very powerful, few people in the wastes have the technology to apply it.

To install cyberware, you must go to someone who at least claims they are a doctor. They first must make a successful Tech/Medical check with a difficulty of 8 plus the system strain. Various modifiers can apply, such as a sterile work environment giving a +1 bonus, while dirty scalpels and whiskey anesthetic could give a -1 penalty. If they pass the skill check, you gain the use of the cyberware at its normal system strain. If the roll fails, you get the cyberware but the system strain increases by 1.


Cyberware is meant to be applied to only healthy humanoids, not creatures with aberrant genes and mutations. After you get a piece of cyberware, you must make a physical effect save after a week to see if your body does not reject it. For every mutation you have (benefit and defect, stigmatas don't count), you have a +1 penalty to the roll, as well as an additional penalty equal to the system strain of the cyberware. If you succeed, your body accepted the implant and you can go about your day. If you failed, your body has rejected the implant, meaning you can no longer use it and the cyberware basically becomes unusuable to anyone else. The upside to this is that you lose the system strain the cyberware gave you. The bad part is that you may quickly end up with one less arm or a diseased hole in your abdomen, which means another visit to that chopshop.

Generally this means regular humans will have an easier time of accepting cyberware, which is kind of the point

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