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Limitless Worlds

Monday, March 17, 2014

Stars Without Number - Eclipse Phase

So I thought I would try and do a pretty simple conversion of Eclipse Phase over to the great Stars Without Number system, and I've got a good portion of it done.

Good portion, you say? But EP is huge! Yes, but I'm trying to convert the setting rather than the mechanics. So I'm not going to throw in new Psi mechanics when SWN has a perfectly fine Psychic class, and I'm not going to write a dissertation on post-singularity tech when most of it has a soft analogue in SWN. I will be addressing things such as Forking, Merging and so on, but those are important to the setting. To get the most out of these notes, you're going to need the Transhuman Tech supplement for SWN, as well as the hacking rules in Polychrome.

Character Creation

Character creation functions as normal, except when you get to choosing backgrounds and training packs. EP has these in the form of Backgrounds and Factions, but they can be taken by any class. However, there will be a "remainder" of skills for each class that a character can pick out from their class skill list. Psychics get two more choices, Warriors 4 more, and Experts 6 more.

Each faction also has a Rep associated with it. When using the Status rules from Transhuman Tech, the Rep corresponds which of the various social networks you start with a Status of 1 in. @-Rep is for autonomists, c-Rep is for hypercorps, e-Rep is for ecologists, f-Rep is for media, g-Rep is for criminals, i-Rep is for Firewall, and r-Rep is for scientists.

In addition, every character starts out with either Culture/Spacer, Culture/Traveller or Culture/World, depending on where they currently live.

Skill Changes

Some skills have changed, most notably Culture and Tech, which have new specializations.

Culture does not have the Alien specialty, but instead the Hypercorp specialty. Tech basically lacks all the current specializations except for Astronautic. The new specialiations include Morph (deals with healing and repair of "meat bodies"), Psyche (deals with Psychosurgery, Mesh and Psi), Alien (deals with alien technology like Gates), and Synth (deals with Synthmorphs and most other mechanical items/vehicles).

Background List

Ape Uplift - Persuade, Combat/Unarmed, Athletics
Bonobo Uplift - Athletics, Persuade, Perception
Cetacean Uplift - Artist, Culture/Spacer, Athletics
Chimp Uplift - Athletics, Culture/Hypercorps, any skill
Corvid Uplift - Athletics, Navigation, Perception
Drifter - Navigation, Vehicle/Space, Culture/Any
Emergent AGI Uplift - Computers, Tech/Any, any skill
Fall Evacuee - Vehicle/Land, Culture/Any, any skill
Feral Uplift - Persuade, Perception, Combat/Unarmed
Humanities Infolife - Science, Computers, Culture/Any
Hyperelite - Culture/Hypercorps, Culture/Any, Persuade
Indenture - Culture/Hypercorp, Profession, any skill
Infolife - Computers, Tech/Any, Science
Isolate - Any three skills
Lost - Science, Profession, Tech/Any
Lunar Colonist - Vehicle/Ground, Science, Profession
Machine Infolife - Computers, Science, Tech/Synth
Maker Nomad - Science, Tech/Any, Perception
Martian - Vehicle/Ground, Profession, Culture/Hypercorp
Neanderthal Uplift - Artist, Athletics, Culture/Any
Octopus Uplift - Persuade, Athletics, Stealth
Original Space Colonist - Vehicle/Space, Profession, Culture/Any
Parrot Uplift - Athletics, Persuade, Culture/Any
Pig Uplift - Perception, Profession, Culture/Any
Re-Instantiated - Vehicle/Ground, Culture/Any, any skill
Research Infolife - Persuade, Perception, Culture/Any
Sufi Nomad - Artist, Security, Navigation
Titanian Hulder - Science, Profession/Prospecting, Perception

Faction List

Anarchist - Any two skills, @-Rep
Argonaut - Tech/Any, Science r-Rep
Barsoomian - Survival, Any one skill, @-Rep
Belter - Survival, Profession, Any rep
Bioconservative - Vehicle, Profession, c-Rep
Brinker - Vehicle/Space, Any one skill, Any rep
Criminal - Persuade, Security, g-Rep
Europan - Vehicle/Water, Athletics, Any rep
Exhuman - Combat/Any, Tech/Med or Morphs, Any rep
Extropian - Persuade, Perception, @-rep
Hypercorp - Culture/Hypercorp, Persuade, c-Rep
Jovian - Two Combat/Any, c-Rep
Lunar - Language, Survival, c-Rep or e-Rep
Mercurial - Any two skills, Any rep
Orbital - Vehicle/Any, Survival, Any rep
Outster - Computers, Vehicle/Space, Any rep
Precautionist - Science, Profession/Any, Any rep
Reclaimer - Language, Vehicle/Any, e-Rep
Ringer - Vehicle/Space, Athletics, Any rep
Sapient - Profession, any one skill, any Rep
Scum - Athletics, Any one skill, @-Rep
Sifter - Vehicle/Any, Profession/Mining, Any rep
Singularity Seeker - Computers, Tech/Morps, g-Rep
Skimmer - Athletics, Vehicle/Air, Any Rep
Socialite - Persuasion, Culture/Any, f-Rep
Solarian - Navigation, Perception, Any Rep
Titanian - Any two "knowledge" skills, @-Rep
Ultimate - Any two skills, any Rep
Venusian - Vehicle/Air, any one skill, c-Rep

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