Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm Working On Something

I'm still working on various B&T and Other Dust things, but I thought I'd give you a preview of an idea I've been kicking around the past few days.


Requirements: None
Prime Requisite: Strength OR Dexterity
Hit Dice: D8
Equipment: All weapons (except for psi-linked), all armors

The soldier is probably one of the most versatile jobs in the whole sprawl. It seems nowadays, everyone needs a hired gun to kill someone, protect something or any other sort of odd job. The soldiers aren't complaining, as money comes fast, letting them get bigger and better weapons and bigger and better cyberware.

Some common soldier backgrounds include:

An enforcer for a megacorp
A mercenary or gun for hire
A soldier for a nation's army
A cyber-samurai bent on righting wrongs
A former (or even current) ganger


Weapon of Choice: Every soldier has a type of weapon they favor over others. At level 2, the Soldier picks one weapon group that he specializes in. When fighting with this weapon group, he gains a +1 to hit and damage. The groups are Light Melee, Heavy Melee, Light Ranged, Medium Ranged and Heavy Ranged. At level 6, the Soldier can further specialize, picking a specific weapon type within his chosen group, such as a katana, pistol, sniper rifle or anything else. He could also choose to specialize in unarmed fighting. When fighting with this weapon, he gains a further +1 to hit and damage. As an option, he can also give up this further specialization to instead specialize in another group.

Multiple Attacks: The soldier becomes so trained in combat, that he can begin to make more attacks per round than others. Starting at level 4, the soldier can attack twice during his round. The soldier gains an additional attack every 4 levels after that, to a maximum of 4 at level 12.

Rally Cry: Soldiers are brave and know how to bolster their allies in dangerous situations. Starting at level 3, the soldier can let out a rallying cry once a battle to bolster all his allies to fight. This cry counts as a normal action and does not affect the Soldier, only his allies. The cry's effect must be chosen from the following list:

"Get Your Guns Hot!" - Grant a +1 bonus to hit and damage for your allies for their next attack
"Quit your whining!" - Automatically gives your allies 1d6 temporary HP that lasts for 1 minute
"Stay on your guard!" - Grant a +2 AC bonus for all allies for the next attack made on them
"Move, move, move!" - Grant your allies an extra move on their next turn, even if they attack
"Double or nothing!" - Grants your allies an additional attack on their next turn
"Get on your feet!" - Grants a your allies a re-roll on the next failed save made during the battle

At level 3, the Soldier only gets one of these cries. He gains a new cry every 3 levels, to a maximum of three at level 9.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why I've Been Gone

Hello readers! Long time, no update. As you can plainly see, I haven't written anything in a while for this ol' blog. Reason being is that I have been sick with a pretty bad case of mono. So much so, I had to drop out of summer courses at my college. Bummer.

Good news is I am on the upswing. For now, I'm just dealing with extreme fatigue and the unfortunate discovery of a penicillin allergy (very itchy). I also have a new computer I will be transferring stuff over to once I get back to school.

Currently, I am working on the monsters and planar descriptions for that planar supplement I've been working on. I have the Lawful Good plane basically all done, and I have loads of ideas for the Neutral Evil, True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral/Elemental planes. True Neutral will be the Veil of Darkness, which is a cool Lovecraftian realm where the Old Onestry to keep some sort of balance in the universe.

The Lawful Good plane is looking very cool so far. I got a good thing going between the plane's major inhabitants, which are the Archons and the Couatl. Everything is also is not as it seems, as sometimes supreme law can leave some in the dark.