Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Age of Iron: Known Lands

I think I have figured out the core region that this 'new' format for Age of Iron would take. Basically, it's my take on WH's Old World, but I'm sure you already know that. However, I have a few changes that I hope will make it stand out.

Aquilla: Aquilla is my 'Empire', but is instead based on the later days of the Byzantine Empire. It's the major power in the region, but it is waning. It also contains the megalopolis of Lygos, which is my Constantinople and is an important place in the setting's lore.

The Barrens: A buffer area between Aquilla and the east, haunted by goblinoids and bandits. Basically the Badlands, but patroled by pseudo-templars

Couronne: Bretonnia without the Lady of the Grail, but still with knights and decadent nobility

Drakenlanda: Scandinavian raiders mixed with a bit of Anglo-Saxon, but not explicitly chaotic like most Norscans. They are generally just untrusted. Think Ferelden from Dragon Age

Hespia: Spain/Estalia, but more at the beginning of their empire rather than post-Reconquista. A little more Arabic influence too

Khazagul Dum: The realms of the dwarves, I'm highly considering this being placed in the Alps rather than in an eastern range of mountains that serves as a border.

Marcher Baronies: This is my Holy Roman Empire, and is a bit more true to the reality of the HRE - a loose collection of kingdoms united under a figurehead emperor. Basically, I switched the Border Princes and the Empire.My not-Netherlands is also here.

Ruthen: My Russia/Poland, pretty similar to Kislev but more explicitly descendants of nomadic Scythian-esque cultures. I might put my Sylvania here, maybe in Aquilla depending

Tir Annwn: Wood elves, but a lot more Celtic/Pictish than WH makes them out to be. Tir Annwn is my version of Athel Loren.

Viteli: Italy, with pretty similar ideas to Tilea as a state of merchants and mercenaries. One of the more cut and dry places, but it DOES include a Sartosa-type area for pirating.

My plan is to do how WFRP 1e did and keep the rest of the world at about a paragraph per area. A quick overview is:

West: High Elves in a psuedo-England, the Caribbean, S America ruled by lizardmen, N. America by the way of colonial America via siabra
South: Otttoman Empire, Undead Egypt, Mali/Ghana, Ethiopia, and Bantu states
East: Darklands-like area, Mongol-esque Ogres, China, India, Japan and SE Asia
North: Chaos Wastes combined with Eastern steppes
Other: Skrzzak empire underground

Hopefully, this organization will help me get a little more focused and reduce the work down a good deal, as well as leaving the rest of the world relatively mysterious

Age of Iron Update

Hello all, hope everything is going as good as it can in our modern age (which is saying a lot, sadly). I'm here with some updates about Age of Iron!

Sadly, the update is I've somewhat hit a wall. I look at the earliest files for the setting (back when it was called the 300 Years War), and I realize I've been working on this thing for nearly two years. Which isn't expressly bad, but the amount of work I've put in isn't nearly close enough to legitimize two years of work.

It has basically fueled a drive in me to get rid of the damn thing - not trash it, but get it to as close as a publishable form as I can get it. Which kind of results in my analyzing the content and seeing what I can drop or alter.

I'm starting to see the merit of a more 'regional' setting instead of trying to cover the whole world. Blue Rose's Aldea, Warhammer's Old World, Kings of War's Mantica, Forgotten Realm's Sword Coast, Dragon Age's Thedas, The Witcher's Continent, Warmachine's Iron Kingdoms and many other settings pack their entire narrative into concentrated regions - leaving the rest of the world implied or vaguely described.

This solves a lot of issues I was running into, such as unfamiliarity/lack of expertise with non-Western nations, trying to compact global religions into a few broad archetypes, and making the scope too 'epic' for a dark fantasy game.

I've been trying to figure out how to best progress with this change, but any opinions or guidance ya'll can offer regarding it would be much appreciated