Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ideas for 90s high school monster hunters

I was thinking it might be fun to do a small game revolving around being in high school in the 90s, or probably any applicable time, and being part of a monster hunting group. It wouldn't be like like Buffy; imagine Unknown Armies mixed with Dawson's Creek.

Anyway, it'd use the system that is in Stars Without Number. Background packages are replaced with Cliques. Cliques include things like Geeks, Jocks, Preps, etc.

Classes would be the Bully (traditional fighter), Freak (magic user), Leader (influential person) and Brains (skilled person).

Magic for the Freaks would be divided into five types: The Scrawlers, which use formulas, drawing or graffiti to summon creatures and items; The Burners, who use drugs, alcohol and sex to heal and also provide other benefits like breathing underwater and flying; Moodies, who use their moods and personalities to buff themselves and allies; the Techies, who use old books, alchemy and tech devices to blow the hell out of the opposition; and Screamers, who use physical and psychic noise to debuff and hinder their enemies

The only thing really seperating it from me being able to playtest is thinking up spell lists. Other things will come later, but it could be cool

Saturday, May 10, 2014

History of Terra

I thought I'd do a little more work on my Terra setting, despite me feeling it is too much like the Inner Sea now. Regardless, I have written up a history using mechanics from the Brief History of Time supplement for Hellfrost. Enjoy!

Age of Glory

0 - The Shining One first makes his presence known in the celestial sphere. He quickly gains many followers and joins as an ally to the other five gods
1000 - Under the guidance of the six gods, civilizations all across Terra flourish. Trade is at an all time high and war is rare
1500 - The small country of St. Fernando breaks off of old Espan, claiming independence and divine right by The Shining One.
1600 - The Golem War. Using an army of constructed creatures, St. Fernando absorbs the countries of Espan, Hellania and Thae. The only thing stopping them from taking The Veldt is the golem army's strange malfunctionings when it hits the border

Age of Rifts

1690 - St. Fernando becomes insular, rich and self-supportive. Most of the world embargoes them, but they care little
1740 - Year of the Bloody Bond. The Empire of the Sun forms an alliance with a powerful infernal, the Bloody Lord. With their new demonic armies, they smash through most of the countryside of Saharam, only stopping when the remainder of Saharam destroys a few major demon lords.
1750 - The High Priest of St. Fernando is caught bedding a woman when he is supposed to be celibate. The country is in an uproar and the High Priest quickly executed
1790 - Blake the Bold, a native of Eden who tired of oppression, carves out the Grand City as a haven and neutral ground for all Terrans.
1810 - The migration to the Grand City causes trade to dry up temporarily. Often called the "Hard Scrabble," it left many new colonists hungry
1860 - Johanas Ford breaches the Barrier Wall and discovers the Endless Chain. Colonization happens not long afterwards
1950 - The Dragon Descent. Eden is all but destroyed by several flights of dragons, turning the country into numerous minor city-states known as "Shatterlands"
2030 - The Scale Conquest. Ophidians slide up from the Darklands, quietly taking over Aztla in a bloodless coup.
2120 - The Kane, natives of the Endless Chain, are found to be funding numerous freebooters who are attacking merchant vessels trading in and out of the Chain.
2160 - Goblinoids overrun the country of Skythe, smashing many monuments to Moshu and nearly destroying the faith. The Rift is thought to be a result of Moshu's weakening grasp
2190 - Old Ohtep, long seen as a vassal of Al-Turin, reignites with the revival of the Bone Pharaoh, a necromantic king that makes the country a haven for the undead
2210 - Wanyama, the god of nature, becomes marginalized as The Shining One, god of man and civilization, becomes more popular

Age of War

2212 - The Devil Insurrection. Squabbling infernal beings in the Empire of the Sun commit civil war against each other tearing the country asunder
2213 - The Bad Year. The Shatterlands has its worst famine yet, losing nearly an entire generation
2221 - The elves and fey of Cascadia begin to assault the Grand City with little provocation or reason. The invasion is still ongoing
2226 - The dwarves and giants of the Coyote Vale begin to argue over territory as the Empire of the Sun begins to reach their borders.
2235 - The lizardfolk of Qin Chi begin small skirmishes with the humanoid population. Both parties claim rights to the land
2241 - The Devil Insurrection ends, with the Lady of the Iron Rack being crowned Empress of the Sun.
2245 - The Genie War begins. Genies of Al-Turin begin to war with natives over god worship
2255 - The Silk Shogunate, who recently made strides in developing gun powder and alchemy, has cut itself off from nearly all trade
2263 - Present Day. The Shining King, a fabled warrior king meant to lead St. Fernando to glory, is born.