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Limitless Worlds

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sixth World Companion - Covert Agent

So for that *World hack game I worked on, Sixth World, I created some stuff after the game was basically done to throw in. Normally I'd release it because I have all of it, but Chris did the layout and so I can't replicate it.

To amend, I'm going to post all the rules on here. The Sixth World Companion, as I called it, features 2 new archetypes, 5 new races, ritual magic and lifestyle mechanics.

Here is the first part: the Covert Agent archetype

Covert Agent

>>>> So you need a guy to get you in, huh? I can do it, for a price. Those
Hackers are just fraking rookies. They go on about getting you into anything,
but freeze up when they encounter a tumble safe. I dwell in the old school,
brother. I climb, I slink, and I don't need a fancy headjack to get where
I need to be. Or better yet, where I'm not allowed to be

It's not all fun and games though. When things get sour, I'm out fast with
no trace. Across beams, down ducts and up walls, I make parkour look as
stylish as paisley. I'm not afraid to fight dirty, and I'm not
afraid to kill quickly. Regrettably, some people I have killed have sent some of
their buddies after me. Right now, actually. If you'll excuse me...<<<

The Covert Agent is the man who uses finesse instead of brute force.
Skilled in spying, infiltration, assassination, acrobatics and dirty fighting,
he can plant a piece of damning evidence before the real evidence is even found.
Covert Agents are the favorite operatives of those who want something
done quickly and silently, as long as they can afford them.

Creating a Covert Agent

1. Choose your metatype

You may choose Human, Dwarf, Elf, Ork, or Troll. Each metatype offers a selection of metatype moves. Choose one metatype move from the options presented.

2. Choose your look
Dark eyes, goggles, pale eyes Tied hair, cropped hair, messy hair Dark clothes, baggy clothes, inconspicuous clothes Lithe body, hard body, lanky body

3. Choose your name and street name
Make up a name and street name or pick a real name and street name from the lists and name generators starting in the GM Resources section.

4. Assign your stats

You have 5 stats: Awareness, Combat, Stamina, Craft, and Presence. Important stats for you are
Craft and Stamina. You have 4 Build Points to distribute among your stats. To increase a stat by 1 point costs 1 Build Point. You may increase a stat to a maximum of +2 as a starting character. If you wish, you may lower 1 stat to -1 in order to have an additional point to spend.

5. Choose your Equipment

Choose from the lists below, or customize your own gear using the rules in Creating Gear on
page 60.
Armor (choose 1): lined coat, form fitting armor, no armor
Weapon (choose 2): Colt L36, Combat Knife, Streetline Special

6. Choose you Cyberware
You may start with one of the cyberware kits below, if you wish (descriptions of these items are on page 45): Kit 1 (1 essence): cybereyes with thermographic vision, vision magnification Kit 2 (3 essence): SmartLink, Wired Reflexes

7. Set your Essence and Edge.
To determine your starting essence, subtract the essence cost of your cyberware (if any) from 6. You start with 3 edge.

8. Choose 4 Contacts
Fence, anarchist, art forger, locksmith, Navy SEAL, street thief, corrupt Lone Star, arms dealer, former spy

9. Establish Debts and Favors
Place one of your fellow runners’ names in at least one of the blanks in the Debts & Favors section of your playbook. Each time a name appears in a debt or favor, it counts as 1 Bond with that character. The more people you have Bond with, the better.

10. Starting Funds You start play with 3d6 x 250¥ immediately available.

11. Starting Moves You know all the Core and Secondary Moves. You know the Case the Joint move, and one other Covert Agent move.


Case the Joint - When you case out a building, spend 1 day on surveillance and roll +Craft. On a 10+, you find a few vulnerable entrances. On a 7-9, you find some, but (choose 1)
-One of the entrances is trapped, but you don't know it
-One of the entrances will blow your cover, but you don't know it
-Someone saw you staking out the place
Like a Spider - When you climb a perilous surface, roll +Stamina. On a 10+, you climb the surface with no troubles. On a 7-9, choose 1:
-You lose your grip, bashing into the wall taking 2 stun
-You can't find any convenient handholds. Your progress is slowed
-You pull something. Take -1 forward to your next physical move
Fits Like a Glove - When you wear armor that only grants 1 Armor, you get a +1 ongoing to Stay Frosty rolls involving sneaking
The Artful Dodger - When you try to pick someone's pocket, roll +Craft. On a 10+, you get the item you want. On a 7-9 choose two, on a 6- choose one:
- it's the item you wanted
- no one notices what you're up to
- later on, the mark can't be sure when/where they got robbed
Card Spoofer - When you try to make a forgery of a SIN or magkey, take 1 day and roll+Craft. On a 10+, the spoof will work flawlessly once. On a 7-9, it will work, but the use will be known about

Dirty Secret - When you Manipulate someone, you can roll +Craft instead of Presence

Cat-like Reflexes - When you Stay Frosty to circumnavigate a trap, you are Boosted

Behind the Painting! - When you try and find someone's "stash", roll +Awareness. On a 10+, you find information that makes you Boosted on the next manipulate or make them sweat move involving the victim. On a 7-9, you find the info but an alarm goes off

Bee Sting - All your pistol weapons automatically gain the suppressed tag

Pocket Sand - When you attempt to trip up an opponent, roll+Craft. On a 10+, the next attack against them is Boosted, regardless of who attacks.
On a 7-9, only your next attack against them is Boosted.