Limitless Worlds

Limitless Worlds

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

An update and new projects

Hello all! Long time no talk.

My absence from the blog has not really been desired, but sadly necessary. My real life is very busy with work, musical projects and such that I can't devote myself as much to writing as I'd like. However, I bring good news.

I recently came upon a new job that is not creatively draining like my former - meaning I have a lot of juices flowing around and a lot of desire to write. This means two things.

First, Zweihander is soon to get is first expansion - Main Gauche! Set to come to Kickstarter soon, it features new professions, new spells, chaotic gifts, electrotech devices and all sorts of fun things to add to your grim and perilous worlds. Look for it to hit Kickstarter in the next few months.

Secondly, 300 Years War has been renamed and will be released - when I get done with it. Now called Age of Iron (a little more catchy and easy to say, I think), it will still be my spin on the Old World meshed with some ideas from pulp authors like Howard, Lovecraft and Smith. Aside from the setting, I also plan to offer new monsters for sure and perhaps other options. This will be released via Grim and Perilous Library, which is Zweihander's community content imprint.

So stuff is happening, just behind the scenes! But this is a great year for all kinds of grimdark gaming - don't forget Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition comes out this year, as well as Age of Sigmar 2e and Warhammer 40k Roleplay: Wrath and Glory!

Thanks for sticking around, and I hope to deliver more info about both Main Gauche and Age of Iron very soon!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Three Hundred Years War: One More Again

Hello all, sorry for the long delay in posts. I have a Real Life (TM) that often gets in the way of fun things. Not to mention I've been working on the next Zweihander supplement (wink wink nudge nudge) so time has been scarce.

But I come to you once again, hat in hand, declaring a second Three Hundred Years War redux. I realized the main problem I was having, which is a problem I have with many creative endeavors: I try to do too much. Three Hundred Years' War was always supposed to be broad strokes, but I got too bogged into the details to make it so.

So I am revising the idea with what I call a 'bullseye' approach. Basically, the nations and locations of the setting will be under three types.

The first is Terra Icognita - which is most non-European countries like my fantastic China, Ethiopia, etc. They will get a broad stroke of maybe a paragraph, but that paragraph will be much more nuanced than most of what the Old World did for WH.

The second is Surrounding Lands - which are the (mostly) European-style countries involved in my fantastic Thirty Years' War - though this includes some nations like the Ottoman Empire, Morocco and so on. Each will get a couple paragraphs each, and there are probably around 15 or 16.

Finally, is the Imperial Gazetteer - a close up look of the Gilded Imperium (or maybe just the Imperium. I'm shuffling names.) This will go into the different states of the Imperium, life there and so on, since the setting is mostly focused on that.

I know I had said previously I would give more word count to places like Cathay, Nihon, etc., but I have just set a monumental task for myself back then I wasn't really planning on. I hope to revisit this in the future, but the little Terra Incognita brushes will at least help a little.

So I'm going to do some planning, and hopefully the next time you hear from me we'll be buckling down. Thanks for sticking with me through all my flip-flopping.