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Limitless Worlds

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Silent Legions Region Creation Pt. 1 - The Fell Gods

"Excuse me, ma'am. Which way to the
 local Silver Twilight Lodge?"
Kevin Crawford, the mad genius behind Stars Without Number, Other Dust and other awesome stuff just released a Kickstarter for Silent Legions, a Lovecraftian sandbox game. How awesome! I backed instantly, and I am in the process of rolling up a region thanks to the beta. I thought I would chronicle that process here.

The Fell Gods

The first step is to make up your Lovecraftian pantheon. I rolled up one that includes two pantheons, one of three gods and the other of two. The three god pantheon has the aspect of Monotheistic, meaning the three gods are really an aspect of one god. The second pantheon is Dualistic, meaning that the two gods war with each other.

The Monotheistic god has the aspects of Controller of Time, Controller of Plants and Controller of Thirst. The Dualistic gods are a Controller of Decay and a Creator of Corpses, After some brainstorming, here is what I came up with

Monotheistic Pantheon

Though seeming as three seperate deities by cultists, Rnaao, Huak and E'dhurthalelo are all aspects of Yata, the Albaster Silken Eye.

His aspect of Rnaao, the Ashen Lord of Dusk, is focused on the dim hours of night where it seems the night comes alive. Rnaao feeds on the fears of those at these hours, stretching these hours cosmically. Those aware of the Deep Black now that midnight doesn't stretch for an hour, but days at a time.

The Huak aspect, also called the Living Lust of Thorns, represents an almost sexual devotion to plants, a complete surrendering of body and soul. Plants are stalwart in time, simple yet always active, and Huak admires this, spawning terrible mutated, half-sentient plants who feed on, and even mate with, worshipers

Finally, E'dhurthalelo, the Writhing Tyrant of Sorrow, is the less dominant aspect, and represents the eventual drying out of the cosmos, as stretched time and demented foliage absorb the lifeforce of the universe. E'dhurthalelo is inevitability itself.

Dualistic Pantheon

Kelzabhar, the Pontifex of the Hungry Mouth, seems to endlessly hunger for the sick and the rotting. Infecting his followers with terrible gangrene and rot, he feeds off their pain and life force as they writh. However, their suffering is his lifeblood, so he makes sure they live in agony.

Itha-glaq hates Kelzabhar for this reason. Called the Emerald Deviser of Smoke, his shrewd method of conjuring the undead into massive armies herded by servitors requires the bodies that Kelzabhar keeps alive. What the undead are for or where they are is a mystery, but this secret war is all too real.

Pretty neat stuff so far! Up next is alien races, so stay tuned

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hell on Earth Reloaded Alternatives

So you may be saying, "Oh Tanner, those mechanics are super awesome, but what if I don't have the Sci-fi Companion."

Well I've come to answer your question!

Power Armor

In all honesty, the three suits of power armor in the Savage Worlds Deluxe book hew pretty close to HoE power armor minus all the bookkeeping headache. The Scout, Battle and Heavy Suit are all builds I would not be surprised to see most often in the Wasted West, and you can do small finagles to add variation. I'd reduce cost, though (Scout is $8,000, Battle $9,000 and Heavy $10,000). You'd probably only find power armor with the Steel Knights though. I'd also probably just do 1 pound of ghost rock can power up the armor, and I'd keep the sealing-in-from-elements.

This may show up in play for me, actually, but the answer is there.


Like HoE: Reloaded says, you can rip the mechanics straight from the Smith & Robard's supplement. You won't be getting some things like skill chips, but that's not too big of a concern. I would keep most of those mechanics, though, in terms of installing bionics and etc. Also, scrappers don't suffer the normal Charisma loss that "augers" in the Weird West do.

Both edges I created are also still appropriate, I think.


There is a good post by Clint of Pinnacle Games explaining why they went a more archaic approach with suggesting Augur tech rather than Scrapper tech, and it makes sense to me. But do what you will!

I'd Give My Right Arm: Deadlands Hell on Earth Reloaded Scrappers

And here we are with the rules for scrappers, which I've cobbled together from the Smith & Robbard's Rules for Deadlands Reloaded and the Iron Oasis rules. Bionics were already described in the core HoE:R book, so I won't spend too much time on them here.

Electric Sheep

Certain bionics do exist that not only replace body parts, but improve them. Generally called augments, these are also mostly only found in the haven of Iron Oasis.

The rules for the maximum amount of augments a scrapper can have, i.e. the Strain, is fully described in the Sci-fi Companion. Further, damage to bionics systems is also discussed in the Hell on Earth Reloaded setting book. However, there are a few subtleties that are not addressed there.

The $20,000 Man

Bionics come in two types: Junker or pre-war. Pre-war cost the normal price and are usually Rare, even in Junkyard. However, once the surgery is done, pre-war augments are nearly perfect, and thus never malfunction.

Junker bionics is, of course, constructed by Junkers using Components. The rules utilize the rules for Gadgeteer, with the Power being bound trying to be relatively equivalent thematically to the augment being taken (it's up to the Marshal for this). The Junker also must have enough money for more specialized parts, though the cost is 50% of what a normal augment costs. The drawback to this is that Junker bionics can malfunction, which is described below.

I Briefly Associated With Doctors

Installing bionics of any kind is a messy. It requires a successful Knowledge: Medicine roll, and the surgery takes about 1 hour per point of Strain it applies (pure bionic limbs inflict 1 Strain). A success on the roll means the implant took, though the scrapper still takes a Wound that must be recovered naturally. A raise negates that wound. A failure on the roll means the augment simply didn't take, though the surgery can be re-done.

A crit failure is more dangerous. It appears that the augment took as a success, but every day the scrapper must make a Vigor roll, with a -1 penalty per day after the operation (to a maximum of -4). On a failure, the scrappers body rejects the implant, causing 2d6 damage and the failure of the implant. The only remedy is to remove the augment; it will never work on the scrapper. Yes, this does mean if a scrapper has a high enough Vigor, they could walk around with faulty bionics for possibly months at a time.

Note that bionics can only be installed on living creatures. If a Harrowed wants to be cybered up, he best become a Cyborg.

The Sparks Means It's Working

Junker built bionics are cheap but unstable, tending to break under pressure. Once per day, the Marshal should roll a d6. On a 1, if the scrapper rolls a 1 at all during the day (regardless of Wild Die), one random piece of Junker bionics will Malfunction like a Weird Science Device.

Starting with Bionics

Scrapper - Background Edge

You start off with a few bits of bionics strapped to you. You can either start with 1 Strain of pre-war tech, or 2 Strain worth of Junker tech.

A Hard Day's Knight: Deadlands Hell on Earth Reloaded Powered Armor

"It's the Iron Alliance,
not the Brotherhood of Steel! It's totally different!"
So the Companion for Hell on Earth Reloaded got released yesterday, and while it's awesome, it doesn't contain rules for bionics or power armor. Well let's fix that! Below are my mechanics to implementing power armor into the game, but you must have access to the Savage Worlds Sci-fi Companion to use the power armor construction rules in there. Don't worry, scrappers are coming soon.

I've Been Working Like A Dog

Power armor is expensive, rare, but damn powerful. Though power armor can blow a hole through most anything, it is often used to combat the automatons of Throckmorton’s army.  Power armor pilots are often called “robohunters” or even “knights,” named after the famous group of wandering power armor soldiers called the Steel Knights.

Power armor, and its mods, outside of a Steel Knight base is Rare, with light models costing $5,000, medium costing $10,000 and heavy costing $20,000 (1/100th of the price listed in the Sci-fi Companion). Mods for the armor run at about half the listed price in the SFC.  If you do manage to find a Steel Knight base, and good luck, most armor and mods are usually Scarce. Power armor mod installation works as described in the SFC.

Power armor is complicated to put on and assemble, and takes roughly 5 minutes to put on. The knight can get out of the suit in roughly half that amount of time. Power armor is sized for humans, so cyborgs can generally not wear them. Also note that the default armor bonus for power armor is not considered Heavy Armor.

The only mod that requires modification is Armor, which adds +2 Armor when it is taken the first time. It can be taken a second time by Medium and Heavy armor, but this instead means the power armor is now considered Heavy Armor.

If you are ever Incapacitated while wearing your power armor, some vital system in the circuits has been damaged, leaving the armor useless until it is repaired. This repair requires 1d6 hours, a successful Repair roll, and a number of Components equal to the Mods on the armor.

It's Worth It Just to See Oil Spray

Power armor operates on 'Power,' which is a number that represents the power the armor can expend. Non-modified power armor will have a Power of 72, and once it reaches zero, the armor shuts down until it can be recharged. Using only its default features like the radio and HUD, armor depletes Power by 1 for every hour of use. However, any taxing usage of the armor’s system will deplete 1 Power per scene outside of battle. Some ‘sustained’ abilities, like flight or stealth systems, suck up one Power for every 10 minutes of use (or portion of 10 minutes). A prolonged battle, such as in mass combats, will take the 10 minute charge. Be advised that Power stacks; using both flight and stealth systems at the same time, for example, will cost 2 Power for every 10 minutes.

Battles work differently. If you use a power suit's system in a battle, such as firing an integrated weapon or using a jump pack, that depletes 1 Power, but only on the first use of the system in a battle. Later usage in the same battle doesn't suck up more Power, as the suit's systems have already routed energy there. 

For example, if on one round you fire a weapon mount and use your jump pack, that takes up 2 Power. On subsequent rounds, if you use either the weapon or the jump pack, or both, you don't spend any additional Power. However, if you activate your magnetic boots in a later round, that sucks up another Power for a total of 3.

For "always on" modifications, like Strength Enhancement or Pace, they can be turned "off" to conserve power, reverting the character's stats to normal until they are reactivated. The Armor mod does not consumer Power, as it is purely physical.

For power armor to recharge, your knight needs access to either ghost rock or spook juice. Power armors have an internal battery that can be fueled by either of these substances, given enough time. One pound of ghost rock or 16 gallons of spook juice provide a full Power of 72 (if no battery mods are present), but the armor must be powered down for a half-hour for every ounce or gallon consumed in order for the power armor to properly process it. A full charge thus takes about 8 hours, meaning most brainers charge their armor while sleeping.

Rarely, you may find an old power armor reactor, which were usually installed in combat vehicles to service Steel Knights on the field. These can bring a power armor up to full charge in minutes, though most have been lost to time.

You Know I Feel Okay

In an emergency, power armor can integrate with live wires or industrial batteries to gain a temporary boost to their batteries. The source must be powerful enough (like a full car battery, a live power line, or a huge generator) and the pilot must make a Smarts roll. On a success, the armor absorbs 1 to 3 (your choice) temporary Power, and 1 - 6  (your choice) on a raise. This temporary Power is on top of existing Power, so a fully charged suit that ‘overcharges’ could have 78 Power. On a failure, nothing happens, but on a crit failure, the pilot gets electrocuted for 2d6 damage. 

This power jacking can only be used once before the armor’s circuits have to cool down, which takes a number of shut-off hours equal to half the Power absorbed. Note that this temporary Power can’t be saved during shut-off; it simply vents out.

Starting With Armor

Robohunter - Background Edge
Novice, Repair d6+, Fighting d6+

You have somehow come into the possession of a suit of power armor. Maybe you found it, or perhaps you are a former (or current) Steel Knight.

You start with a suit of Light power armor, though it does not possess any mods.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Good News

Hey everyone, long time no talk

Anyway, I have some good news. After going through four years of hard undergrad, I am finally graduating from university! Further, I have a full time job as a proofreader that I am starting in two weeks! Exciting times.

I know posts have been sparse, and they may be sparser, but I will try and make time for this blog. It's a cool little next for my thoughts, plus I have an audience, as small as it may be. I think in the future you will be seeing a lot more reviews and possibly previews, especially with a bunch of cool stuff coming out soon (like D&D 5e, which I am beyond excited for)

Either way, just wanted to let you know. Thanks for sticking around!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sixth World Companion - Covert Agent

So for that *World hack game I worked on, Sixth World, I created some stuff after the game was basically done to throw in. Normally I'd release it because I have all of it, but Chris did the layout and so I can't replicate it.

To amend, I'm going to post all the rules on here. The Sixth World Companion, as I called it, features 2 new archetypes, 5 new races, ritual magic and lifestyle mechanics.

Here is the first part: the Covert Agent archetype

Covert Agent

>>>> So you need a guy to get you in, huh? I can do it, for a price. Those
Hackers are just fraking rookies. They go on about getting you into anything,
but freeze up when they encounter a tumble safe. I dwell in the old school,
brother. I climb, I slink, and I don't need a fancy headjack to get where
I need to be. Or better yet, where I'm not allowed to be

It's not all fun and games though. When things get sour, I'm out fast with
no trace. Across beams, down ducts and up walls, I make parkour look as
stylish as paisley. I'm not afraid to fight dirty, and I'm not
afraid to kill quickly. Regrettably, some people I have killed have sent some of
their buddies after me. Right now, actually. If you'll excuse me...<<<

The Covert Agent is the man who uses finesse instead of brute force.
Skilled in spying, infiltration, assassination, acrobatics and dirty fighting,
he can plant a piece of damning evidence before the real evidence is even found.
Covert Agents are the favorite operatives of those who want something
done quickly and silently, as long as they can afford them.

Creating a Covert Agent

1. Choose your metatype

You may choose Human, Dwarf, Elf, Ork, or Troll. Each metatype offers a selection of metatype moves. Choose one metatype move from the options presented.

2. Choose your look
Dark eyes, goggles, pale eyes Tied hair, cropped hair, messy hair Dark clothes, baggy clothes, inconspicuous clothes Lithe body, hard body, lanky body

3. Choose your name and street name
Make up a name and street name or pick a real name and street name from the lists and name generators starting in the GM Resources section.

4. Assign your stats

You have 5 stats: Awareness, Combat, Stamina, Craft, and Presence. Important stats for you are
Craft and Stamina. You have 4 Build Points to distribute among your stats. To increase a stat by 1 point costs 1 Build Point. You may increase a stat to a maximum of +2 as a starting character. If you wish, you may lower 1 stat to -1 in order to have an additional point to spend.

5. Choose your Equipment

Choose from the lists below, or customize your own gear using the rules in Creating Gear on
page 60.
Armor (choose 1): lined coat, form fitting armor, no armor
Weapon (choose 2): Colt L36, Combat Knife, Streetline Special

6. Choose you Cyberware
You may start with one of the cyberware kits below, if you wish (descriptions of these items are on page 45): Kit 1 (1 essence): cybereyes with thermographic vision, vision magnification Kit 2 (3 essence): SmartLink, Wired Reflexes

7. Set your Essence and Edge.
To determine your starting essence, subtract the essence cost of your cyberware (if any) from 6. You start with 3 edge.

8. Choose 4 Contacts
Fence, anarchist, art forger, locksmith, Navy SEAL, street thief, corrupt Lone Star, arms dealer, former spy

9. Establish Debts and Favors
Place one of your fellow runners’ names in at least one of the blanks in the Debts & Favors section of your playbook. Each time a name appears in a debt or favor, it counts as 1 Bond with that character. The more people you have Bond with, the better.

10. Starting Funds You start play with 3d6 x 250¥ immediately available.

11. Starting Moves You know all the Core and Secondary Moves. You know the Case the Joint move, and one other Covert Agent move.


Case the Joint - When you case out a building, spend 1 day on surveillance and roll +Craft. On a 10+, you find a few vulnerable entrances. On a 7-9, you find some, but (choose 1)
-One of the entrances is trapped, but you don't know it
-One of the entrances will blow your cover, but you don't know it
-Someone saw you staking out the place
Like a Spider - When you climb a perilous surface, roll +Stamina. On a 10+, you climb the surface with no troubles. On a 7-9, choose 1:
-You lose your grip, bashing into the wall taking 2 stun
-You can't find any convenient handholds. Your progress is slowed
-You pull something. Take -1 forward to your next physical move
Fits Like a Glove - When you wear armor that only grants 1 Armor, you get a +1 ongoing to Stay Frosty rolls involving sneaking
The Artful Dodger - When you try to pick someone's pocket, roll +Craft. On a 10+, you get the item you want. On a 7-9 choose two, on a 6- choose one:
- it's the item you wanted
- no one notices what you're up to
- later on, the mark can't be sure when/where they got robbed
Card Spoofer - When you try to make a forgery of a SIN or magkey, take 1 day and roll+Craft. On a 10+, the spoof will work flawlessly once. On a 7-9, it will work, but the use will be known about

Dirty Secret - When you Manipulate someone, you can roll +Craft instead of Presence

Cat-like Reflexes - When you Stay Frosty to circumnavigate a trap, you are Boosted

Behind the Painting! - When you try and find someone's "stash", roll +Awareness. On a 10+, you find information that makes you Boosted on the next manipulate or make them sweat move involving the victim. On a 7-9, you find the info but an alarm goes off

Bee Sting - All your pistol weapons automatically gain the suppressed tag

Pocket Sand - When you attempt to trip up an opponent, roll+Craft. On a 10+, the next attack against them is Boosted, regardless of who attacks.
On a 7-9, only your next attack against them is Boosted.